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February 06, 2005



That's a fantastic griddle! And your French Toast doesn't look too bad either - do you think they could keep up for a trans-atlantic trip?:-)


For you, Zarah, all things will be possible ;)


Weird, I was just telling my husband that we should get one of those griddles because ever since I introduced him to pancakes and maple syrup (I'm so glad that they are importing maple syrup!), it's been a hassle to cook pancakes just a medium-sized nonstick saucepan.

Ohhhh....your photos are delish....lucky people who have YOU to cook such grand breakfasts!!


Oooo! Beautiful food, Julie. It looks so good. That G. is one lucky guy to have you.


RArrarrr! ;-) The Filipinos are nothing to fawn over, they are little 2-inch sized cookie donuts (yeah, so where does the hole go? I love donut holes!). Tasting like butter cookies and entirely coated in milk chocolate, it's something that my dad has already requested an entire case of! He wants to pass them around at the golf course... Fathers! Go figure...

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