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April 01, 2005


Journey Girl

Happy belated birthday!!! It sounds like your trip out was lovely, and your descriptions of the desserts particularly were divine. I think I would have tried the Papilliote of Hot Fresh Berries... Mmmmm... fresh spring berries... :) I also liked the idea of the multiple, small plates, as it sounds more designed for sharing and experiencing a meal, rather than slogging through it. Your brother appears to be a winner. :)

I am going to petition CameraMan to give this one a try.


JourneyGirl, happy birthday to YOU! Mine was actually weeks and weeks ago...this was an event that got postponed, partly because it's not easy to get a rez at the Modern. So if you and CameraMan are going to give it a go, I'd say book a table...and if you do, please let me know how you liked it!

Zarah Maria

I'll go with you Julie - once I get my a** schlepped to NY...:-)

Joe C

"Standing gag"?
True, but you laughed. In fact, you laughed hard every time I did it, which was at least four as I recall. It probably looked funnier following a few snorts of your Mojito and some excellent Farnum Hill hard cider...which you forgot to mention. What a great place.

Joe C

Somehow that picture of the menus doesn't look so good, though.


Zarah, I'll book the table as soon as you give me the word...

Thanks again, best of brothers...and it's true -- I was tempted to mention that you repeated the gag 4 times, but I thought I'd spare you.

The pics aren't so good because I haven't yet started to use the *NEW DIGITAL CAMERA* you gave me during our dinner...I just set it up tonight and the battery's still charging.


Sweetbread Ravioli???? I am so jealous!! So, so, envious that you were able to indulge and delight in a foodstuff that I can't even bring myself to work with in the kitchen!


Yeah, I'm with you here too, Rowena. I don't do organ meats in my own kitchen, except for the chicken liver that comes with a chicken, which I fry up with onions and eat as an iron-rich snack whenever I cook a chicken. That's the extent of it for me -- but those little sweetbread nuggets sure are delicious when someone else has prepared them! I would think that Italy would be a good place for that stuff...no?

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