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April 29, 2005


Joe C

Ok, maybe I should explain my views regarding rice-on-Passover. According to my research, this difference between the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim stems from the fact that sometime many years ago, an important Sephardic rabbi taught that rice is permissible, while the Ashkenasy rabbis have always taught that rice is
*chometz* or unkosher for Passover.
Now quite obviously this doesn't mean that *only the Sephardim* should be allowed to eat rice at the seder. It's just that I happen to agree with that venerable Sephardic rebbe -- a very wise man who must have realized that rice pilaf tastes a lot better than potato kugel on any occasion; and that rice also goes better with brisket, Mom's chicken and meatballs, and any other holiday dish that includes gravy.
Finally, I would also point out that Jews have no pope or other constituted hierarchy of religious authorities. So we were fully entitled to make this choice, even though we happen to be of Ashkenazic descent.
Besides, as a family we haven't been terribly concerned with any of these quarrels since our father's father ran away from the yeshiva in Minsk, more than a hundred years ago...


That Sephardic rabbi was clearly a wise man -- but then again, he had never tasted MY potato kugel. In any case, point well taken, brother mine.


quick question - regarding the charoset recipe - are the figs/dates dried?


Hi Hillary -- yes, both figs and dates are dried, but look for the plumpest, moistest ones you can find.


OK. I thought so but wanted to make sure :). Thanks.

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