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March 12, 2006


Joe C

Are you sure that the lasagna sheets have to be cooked? I've had lasagna made with dried pasta that wasn't cooked (except in the oven with the sauce) and it came out very well...

Joe C

Well, it was cooked but very al dente...


I've tried that trick, brother mine -- and wasn't satisfied with the outcome. I'm sure Carmela wouldn't settle for it either. The pasta was too pasty and gummy, not light and toothsome in the layers of filling. I'm glad I pre-cooked it this time -- the result was worth it.


oooo my husband and I are obsessed with Sopranos! I will have to make this for him. :D


Bravissima, Julie!

I too am obsessed with The Sopranos (actually my whole family is).

Your lasagna sounds like the perfect way to have marked the premiere.

What did you think of it by the way?


Alicat, thanks for visiting! This lasagna is undoubtedly the best I've ever made. Even teh Bolognese sauce alone is fantastic over any pasta. If you give it a try, tell me what you think.

Hi Ivonne -- we really enjoyed the first episode of the new season -- and you're right, the lasagna was the perfect accompaniment. Oh, those writers for the Sopranos! They're no slouches; they certainly know how to keep us dangling from week to week...

julie t.

Another Sopranos fan here, and I think a new Sopranos season is something worth celebrating.

I enjoyed reading this and it sounds like a delicous dinner. Yum.


Hi, Julie! Love your blog! I've been lurking and reading for quite some time. I had to post because we were obviously on the same wavelength, making lasagna and blogging about it on the same day! :-) But I learned from your post that the recipe I use was incorrectly called "Lasagna Napoli," but is really more Bolognese! So thanks for explaining the difference. Keep up the good blogging! --Gina (wwww.lindseysluscious.blogspot.com)


Great post! I, too, am slavishy devoted to the Sopranos and wracked my brain to make a Carmela-worthy meal to celebrate the premiere. When my husband saw thatI was making lasagne he responded by espousing Anthony Jr.'s infamous retort from the first season, "What? No f**king ziti?" LOL. Your lasagne sounds swell!

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now I can act, dress and eat like The Sopranos, in my personal opinion one of the best TV show in all the human history, and now thanks to you I can eat this delicious lasagna, grazie!


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