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January 26, 2005



Julie I absolutely enjoyed reading your post on the Savoy. I agree....some places just come off as rather cold, no matter how many good things have been said about them. Chef Peter Hoffman's way of thinking is something that resembles Slow Food....small local farmers...that's the way to go!

I see that you've just started! (I love the header, sounds like me whenever I am baking in the kitchen!). Would you mind if I link you on my site? I like to update my food links every few months to have new foodbloggers on there. With all of the foodies around, it's always nice to see a new take on good eating!


I ate at Savoy many years ago, when they were still new.
We ate upstairs, at the time it seemed cozy. This was lunch and though I remeber it fondly, I've never been back. Hmm. Usually not the case when I truly love a restaurant.



Regarding your time in Italy....if you have any suggestions for a particular restaurant please do share!! I like to keep a list of places to check out if I'm ever in a certain area.

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