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February 11, 2005



YOU have given me the answer to my prayers!! (ok, I'm getting a little dramatic here..) I LOVE this and will try it right away. Funny, I've never made cannoli in my entire life (too lazy, easier just to hop over to the pastry shop and buy'em). I've got all of the ingredients except the ricotta.....will get that tonight and either on Saturday or Sunday, my husband will think me a goddess!!! Way to go Julie!!


Oh my!!! Your description of your pastry has almost convinced me that I must be wrong about puff pastry in a dessert! Your poached blood oranges and ricotta filling sound and look divine. Bravissima!

Zarah Maria

I love that sentence - "not a small reptile, or even a weapon, but a pastry"! LOL! I especially like the cylinder shape, but everything looks really good! Umm, blood oranges...


"Cannoleons"...very very creative! I like it, Julie.



Hi Julie - that's so creative! It certainly sounds and looks delicious, so perhaps it's just a matter of time before your invention takes off and becomes a household item. Thanks so much for participating in SHF 5 - I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next!


Oh, yeah, baby, yeah! Seriously, you have an amazing palate. I never would have thought of such a combination, but it makes perfect sense. And is that a Penzeys jar I see in that one photo? You are so completely and utterly blogrolled right now. :)

Oh, and as far as the nomenclature goes? I approve. ;)


Of course it's Penzey's, my dear girl. It's that good Vietnamese cinnamon that I bought in one of the big bags, and transferred to one of their little jars, whereupon I made my own clever little label...BTW, have you tried their Turkish Spice? It's becoming difficult for me to cook things without it...


OH.MY.GAWD. You are incredible, Julie! I am making these this week, come hell or high water. I'll give them away if I have to (so I won't eat the whole batch, of course), but they must be made. Now I just have to find some blood oranges...


I tried this over the weekend....the blood oranges got me....and I have to tell you...It.Was.Fantastic!


Rowena, I'm so glad they worked well for you. What shape pastry did you make? Or did you make pastry at all? At certain point, I almost felt I could dispense with the pastry and just eat ricotta cream and blood oranges, which definitely get me too...they're something beautiful and mysterious about them. Just what we want to be for Valentine's day...mysterious beauties. I'm definitely going to give your luscious pears a whirl as well, since they look absolutely delectable.

Elizabeth, thanks so much for stopping by -- and your kind comments as well. Love your blog too, y'know...

xoxo to my loyal friends and supporters Lea and Zarah...Zarah, I've gotta try BOTH your entries!

Clement, thanks so much for hosting. Your enty looks beautiful -- wish I had a creamy crunchy mouthful of it myself!

Bakerina, you're a goddess as well you know, and the nameless faceless "they" that run all our lives should pay you just to write your fabulous blog or anything else you damn well please...

Moira, I'm flattered beyond words. Thanks so much for stopping by -- I'm a great admirer of yours as well. Can't wait to try the ice cream with pomegranate molasses too! I just happen to have pomegranates and pomegranate juice in the fridge AND pomegranate molasses in the cupboard, so I have no excuse!


Julie - what a fabulous creation! You are a star in my books now. Thanks so much for joining in on SHF #5 and I am glad you had such a great time doing so!


Jennifer, thanks so much for your sweet comment -- and it's great to have you stop by. I'm looking forward to participating in more SHF, IMBB and other food-blogging events...


You are too kind, Julie. I'm glad you found me, but I'm really glad I found your blog. I do love talking about food! -Elizabeth

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