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February 15, 2005



Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture of you and your mom, Julie. What a dear lady with a very dear daughter.


Julie...what a beautiful and tender post! See, this is the kind of posts I like to read, where the writing just draws you in and makes me WANT to try the recipe! Of course, along with the cannoleons, I must try this one as well. Thank you for sharing!


JULIE~Thank you for sharing your beautiful family love story.


What a lovely tribute to your mother. Cooking her foods keeps her close to you, and that's so important.
Great picture too!



A great post. I've been cooking my mother's recipes too--she died 6 yrs ago, and I'm still getting on with it. Unfortunately can't wear her clothes--I'm a lot bigger than she was--but I wear her jewelry a lot.


Oh, Julie,

I just spent 20 minutes writing a comment about how amazing and beautiful and brilliant this is, only to have Road Runner crash as I hit the post button. You'd think I'd learned my lesson about using a paste buffer by now, but no, I am a silly person.

It's probably just as well, because I ended up bloviating a bit about food memory and the difference between experiences that evolve naturally into memory and those that are created for the purpose of evoking memory (I'm not a fan of the latter), and I think I ended up working some Milan Kundera in there. No, it's just as well that it's gone.

I will repeat one bit, though: at the moment I could feel my eyes brim so much that the tears were really going to roll, I got to the point where your brother said "If anything of hers would fit me, I'd wear it, too," and I laughed loud enough to wake Lloyd up. :)

Thank you, Julie. I don't have the words for just how wonderful this is.


Julie, I was sobbing like a baby by the time I got to your mom's recipe. What a wonderful piece of writing- thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Zarah Maria

Beautiful post Julie... Just beautiful...


Many, many thanks to you all for your lovely comments. I can only say that I enjoyed the little psychic visit with my mom that was necessary in order for me to write this post...


What can I say? I'm speechless and more than a little tearful. That was a wonderful memory of you mom, and a beautiful picture of you both.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Joe C

I have been meaning to comment on this incredibly lovely post for a while now...All I can say is how grateful I am to read it (over and over) and to be mentioned in it. Thank you, sweet little sister.


Thank you so much for posting this! It's a wonderful post - and it's a wonderful recipe! I just made it tonight, and me and my fiance both loved it. It's a bit unusual from regular Swedish homecooking, and it's fun to try something new. It was really nice - thank you.


Anne -- thanks so much for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by. It's great that you liked the recipe! And by the way, I like Scandinavian food too...or at least some of the dishes we know about here -- svenske kottbullar,gravlax,smorrebrod,swedish apple cake -- things like that.

Elna Smith

Since I've read about the story of your potted chicken recipe, I did realize how you truly treasure your mom and her cooking. What a sweet tribute to your mom Julie! Today I was able to finally try out your "heirloom recipe" and the result? Boy, it's absolutely delicious! I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! Hubby was real pleased and he loved it as much as I did. In fact, he suggested I should make this at least once a week. By the way, I used dried thyme and mixed herbs and thought it might not be as good as the fresh ones but it's quite nice actually. Also, I made swedish meatballs to go with the chicken. A real keeper indeed! Thanks so much for sharing this treasured recipe. Now it will become part of me and my family. Something I can also pass on to my children someday.


Oh Elna! I'm very happy that you and your husband liked this recipe. At this point, a number of people have tried this out and reported back their happiness with the results. I'm so glad to have given this little piece of our family to others, and to know that they are enjoying it. Thanks again for commenting.

Peggy Crane

I think you made this dish for me right after I gave birth to Roger, in November 1985. It meant a lot to me that you cooked for me, and I'll never forget the falling-off-the-bone texture, and the never-to-be-found-in-a-restaurant sauce.

Joy! Delight! Flavor! Do I smell an Off-Broadway play in the making?

Your wonderful blog-essay brought your mother to life for me, too. Funny, when I picture her, I see her in the kitchen, just as you've described!


Peggy (Willig) Crane

Pat Jordan

My first husband's mother made a delectable pot of Chicken and meatballs often on a winter day for Sunday Dinner. I am so excited to try this recipe and share it with my daughters. I hope it is the same flavor. I will be nice to have something delightful from that long gone relationship.


What a lovely story. As a nurse I am often faced with families and the dying of momma. What yo sais is what I say to my familes. you don't get over it, you just go on with it. as for the potted chicken recipe, mine is from my friends mother, who taught me as her mother taught her. Actually her recipe usues a special "pot" on the stovetop, no broth as the chicken itself has so much natural juices and we add carrots too.

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Actually her recipe usues a special "pot" on the stovetop, no broth as the chicken itself has so much natural juices and we add carrots too.

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