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February 03, 2005




As you know, I mourn with you for the frightening position this administration has put us in. Guns and butter always brings to mind the other food/economy metaphor- bread and circuses. Just think if we had guns, butter, bread and circuses. First of all, we'd have a decent breakfast with entertainment and paranoia. But the Neocons have no interest in anyone outside their circle having bread, butter, or circuses. You see what you started? This is supposed to be a food blog and you got me all hot and bothered with politics. I will say that the description of your brother's birthday dinner was delectable, and thinking of the lovely, fat blackberries I just bought at Whole Foods to put over ricotta is making me look forward to waking up and having breakfast tomorrow. No guns, perhaps a bit of toast with butter, but there is always room for a circus.



Only if the guns were water pistols, and the clowns from the circus get to use them on the current administration...but wait, the administration is ALREADY made up of clowns...these metaphors are getting confusing...


Julie, I'm not one to delve into politics, but I have to say just one thing...and please pardon my french, but this post was f****** great!!! I like getting a break from recipes once in awhile to have a good read, and today for me, this one is it!

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