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February 19, 2005



But it looks amazing!
I bet it tasted good as well, I'm going to make this soon...


G likes it -- although not as much as he likes your chocolate-espresso cake!


Thanks for warning me never to bring bannana bread to work! I still make my mother's recipe when some bannanas get too ripe to eat. Your cake looks fab. Too bad you didn't like it.


Julie, you're too kind! I'm glad G liked it.


Poor Julie,
Sorry you were traumatised by this cake (I had no idea, about your aversion BTW.) It does look fab, and at least your other half enjoyed it, saves you from throwing it away! Great blog, julie.

What does IMBB stand for, anyway?


The one thing I dislike about banana anything is when they add the artificial flavoring to the product. Other than that...hmmmm....it's probably better than guinea pig in Peru!!!!! What's that all about?? I hope'll indulge us one day...

No fair that you had to suffer through this on your very own birthday!! All the same, brava on your efforts!!!


Thanks for your empathy, all!

Ernie -- that chocolate-espresso cake was (and still is) amazing! I'm going to post about it in the next part of my birthday round-up.

Gina -- you can bring banana bread to work, and even have it in the office -- but at least now you won't be offended if I don't try any. I hope you're having a great time in Germany...

Caroline -- IMBB stands for Is My Blog Burning? which is a monthly event in which food bloggers and anyone else who'd like to participate can agree to cook something around a particular theme. The person who's "hosting" the event does a "round up" on their blog so everyone knows where to look to see all the entries. Try googling Is My Blog Burning? and you'll find a site where all of it is archived.

Rowena -- someday I'll tell you my guinea pig story -- it would fit very well into this edition of IMBB, since it's all about the fact that one culture's taboo is another culture's great delicacy. But it happened long ago and far away...


Julie - lovely posting (although I don't get how you can not like cooked bananas - my spouse cooked bananas in hot butter and brown sugar the very evening we met for me - I had already made her a vinegar fish curry and a whole pile of other stuff - so cooked bananas are very important!)

Welcome to the food blogging world!


Owen -- I love sauteed or fried bananas, just like the ones you describe. I just can't stand them in cake or bread, for some strange unknowable reason...


I know it's wrong to laugh at another's misfortune, Julie - especially if it occurred on her birthday - but that was too funny! So sorry you weren't converted by what sounds like an intriguing cake.

You were very brave and noble to do the experiment! You're a better [wo]man than I, Gunga Dinn!


P.S. Great idea to put sliced bananas into creme fraiche!


hi julie! this is my first time here. i was looking online for bill granger's recipe for this cake, as i just made it this morning. i haven't tried it yet, but if you'll wait a bit i'll have my post up later today on it. sorry it worked out badly for you on your birthday--you're brave to try something so uncertain on your day.


Elizabeth, I know you're laughing with me -- I found a lot of humor in the situation, trust me!

Santos, I'm so glad you came for a "visit", since I'm a great admirer of your blog! Hope you like the cake -- I'm sure I would love it made with any other fruit.


ah, so i had a slice of the cake, and i totally see your point about the noxious 'nana scent. it's the type of bananas used, i'm convinced of it. if you can find a different variety of banana (look for apple/finger/manila bananas in latino shops), i think you might find them more palatable. not so stinky.


Yay! It's not just me! I am not alone! I love the little bananas, and I live in Spanish Harlem which abounds with Latino shops, so I'll give them a try.


Try the Banana Cake at Hearth. Served with Chocolate Sorbet,and with a very light marscapone frosting. It might change your mind!


Thanks for the tip on Hearth, Michael -- I went to the website and it definitely looks like a beautiful little restaurant that I'd very much like to try. However, given a choice of desserts in a restaurant, I must confess that I think it highly unlikely that I will ever choose banana baked goods. At this point, I'm more or less content to have one or two things that I simply don't eat -- it's still a pretty full life even without banana bread! I'm not bent on conquering this distaste -- I was merely playing with it for the sake of the IMBB challenge.

Love the chocolate sorbet and mascarpone frosting, though -- maybe I could just have those ;-D


I, too, hate the treacly sweet smell of banana bread. Ugh. Give me a loaf of zucchini bread with orange zest any day...or a nice toasted slice of pumpkin bread with cream cheese on top. But banana bread? No thanks!


Exactly! Zucchini bread, carrot cake, pumpkin muffins -- all these I love, and variations on them as well -- just leave out the bananas.


where do you find the recipe?


Hi :( (interesting name!)

The recipe is in the Bill Granger Cookbook "Bills Open Kitchen".


i'm craving for the banana upside down bill granger cake ... will u share the recipe :) .... ive got his book back in my hometown ... and i couldnt find it his online recipe .... thank u ...

your picture makes me drooling .....:)

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Maple and bananas in a cake.... mmmm..
It sounds great!!.. Banana Maple Upside Down Cake!

But it's true, I don't like banana break either.. and it's becuse of the smell.. Too concentrated doesn't seem to be good

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If you can find a different variety of banana (look for apple/finger/manila bananas in latino shops), i think you might find them more palatable. not so stinky.

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