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February 28, 2005



I always bake two as well... Your cakes look yummy, how was the infamous Trianon cake?


I know you do double baking, Miss Ernie...how else did I recognize you as a kindred spirit right off the bat? The Trianon is fabulous -- very dense and rich -- we're talking 12 oz of chocolate and 10 oz of butter per cake here! I'll bring you a slice...the 10th, right?


Oh, look at your Trianons! How beautiful they are! Mine are still a bit too fragile on top, crumbly and very crunchy, but I just love them that way. We're fans of textural contrasts here.

And between us ducks, I think your pecan pie was a happy accident. I like a dark, dark, caramelly, just-shy-of-burnt pie to take the edge off the sweetness. Usually I skirt the issue by adding chocolate and making chocolate pecan pie, but I like your idea better.


Mine are very crumbly and crunchy too upon slicing...and I like 'em like that also. I have to say, I don't know if they're the way they're supposed to be, whatever that means. They have some big air bubbles in them...maybe I didn't incorporate the egg whites well enough, but I was afraid of breaking them down too much. And they're pretty moist in the middle, coz I was worried about overbaking, which is my oven's tendency. But whatever the textural inconsistensies, the flavor is sublime...


Holy God, Julie! If we're ever in New York around Oscars time, I can only hope I get to go to a party where you're contributing the desserts...I have absolutely *got* to make that Trianon cake. I know mine will not approach your perfection, though- this will be where the fabulously talented, yet Trianon-top-challenged Ms. Bakerina and I will have something in common, I guess!


Aww, Moira -- you're too kind. I'm telling you, they came out of the pan okay, but I think I'm still somewhat Trianon-challenged. Like I said, big bubbles inside. And you don't have to come to NY around Oscar time -- if you come, I'll bake just for you!

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