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February 13, 2005



Hmmm. You haven't seen the saffron stains on my white serviettes then. They are pretty much the same squash orange colour. But I know what you mean. After several washings, the saffron stains are more golden now.

Your squash dish looks fabulous. Nice idea to add creme fraiche. Mmm, crunchy oven baked chicken... what time should we be there? Can we bring anything? How about a bottle of red wine?

And yup, I too am a fan of Laurie Colwin. I love her casual approach to supposedly difficult cooking.



yep. saffron as a dye turns things quite orangey. if used heavily -- orange red. hence the saffron robes of various eastern religions. quite similar if not the same (haven't seen up close) of the gates.

but a minor detail.

really like the idea of saffron gates, personally. a beautiful symbolic gesture with meaning. just my opinion. (just in case you needed another one.)


Hi limine,

Thanks for stopping by -- I do know what you and Elizabeth mean about the saffron -- I've cooked with it quite a bit and have seen its color saturation abilities first hand. It's a little hard to explain what I mean about The Gates. When they're still, they can look like a bit too much like bright orange safety construction signs. That kind of orange. At other moments when there's a beautiful play of sunlight and shadow on them, the tones morph quite a lot and you can see an ombre range, like in the photos. In any case, I don't mean to carp. I find the scope of the project rather magnificent, and I'm more than able to appreciate it during its brief tenure. As I said in a later post, I'll also enjoy the natural beauty of the park again when they're gone.

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