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March 27, 2005



oooh i love jacques torres' chocolate haven. i was absolutely giddy eyeing all the treats. thats some loot you have there, but i totally understand- besides, one can never have too much chocolate, right? :-)

i also love chocolat. i recently saw it but i was thinking about getting some girlfriends together to watch it and of course, indulge in chocolate. juliette binoche is amazing- i cant wait to see her in "in my country"

anyway, happy vernal equinox!


I'm jealous, all those goodies! Now after a day of feasting, I must have a piece of chocolate.
I hope the two of you enjoyed the movie, in any case there was always Johnny Depp to look at.


I do tend to go overboard when I shop at these places. It's something of a Catch-22 -- I don't go often so that I won't overindulge, so then when I DO go, of course I overindulge...

I always love actors like Juliette Binoche who aren't necessarily "classically" beautiful, but have that transcendent quality about them...and incredible sexiness as well! I'd highly recommend the combination of chocolate and Chocolat -- it's rather seductive.


How funny. Here in Munich, Germany, yesterday I discovered the newest chocolate shop (amelie!) with my husband, got totally out of control, bought some scharfen berger and domori (do you know them?) and came home to watch chocolat which was on tv and devoured half of what we bought. Must be an explosion on the sun surface or smth.....


Hande, it's such a fun film to watch while munching chocolate...glad that you and your husband enjoyed it too. And it's good to know that I'm not the only one that gets totally out of control in chocolate shops...


Hi Julie - I really enjoyed your chocolate extravaganza story! Who doesn't love chocolate? I love the film too (and my cat is called Maya...), do you know the cookbook written by the author of this novel? It's called The French Kitchen and it has lots of lovely recipes.

JJ Walker

Have you ever been to the Chocolate Bar in New York City? It has exclusive Jacques Torres creations and a ton of other goodies such as a CBGB collection, retro bars and kickin' drinks!

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