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March 01, 2005



Prosciutto bread! I'm currently working on prosciutto figs in my lab #[email protected]$%&% DNA! Egg salad has never been this good.A stodgy staple in sandwich combos at Japanese convenience stores.

Will confess to being half-witty. Thanks for joining.


I am a complete and utter fool for egg salad! Yours sounds wonderful, but I notice that 'Miracle Whip' wasn't amongst the choices in your recipe. Hee, hee- yes, I'm one of "those" people. ;-)

Great EOMEOTE entry, Julie!


hey there--have you ever tried making egg salad with scrambled eggs? me neither. i imagine it would look like corn sugar pops in mayo, but some people swear by it.


Anthony, keep me posted on your fiendish experiments. I really want to know what happens when you change the DNA of egg salad IN the Japanese convenience stores...

Ah Moira...I'm a Hellmann's girl all the way, that or homemade...but we can still be friends, can't we?

Santos -- you gave me my first laugh of the day, a gift to be prized..."corn pops in mayo"...dunno if I can eat breakfast at all now, but it's worth it...


Hellmann's all the way for me too. Miracle whip? *brrrrr* But I too will still be your friend, Moira. Of course, neither you nor Julie might want to be my friend when you learn that I can't stand egg salad. Cold eggs.... *shudder*

But I would think your recipe would be really good with cubed chicken or salmon instead of hard-boiled eggs. Hmmm, I wonder. Would that marry well with prosciutto bread then?



Hey Elizabeth -- I know lots of people hate egg salad. I'm sure my beloved brother got skeeved from just looking at this post -- but then he doesn't really like eggs at all. I think dilled chicken, salmon, tuna or shrimp salad are all great...as long as you like dill of course ;D


Julie, "got skeeved"?!?!?!?! Bwwaaahahahahaha...we used to say that back in Massachusetts...as in, "I got *totally* skeeved out" by this wicked lose-ah at the Poison concert!".

If you can forgive my hair-band past, I can forgive the Hellman's devotion! ;-)


ROFLMAO! Moira, it's before dawn in NYC, I'm barely conscious and already I'm howling with laughter at your comment. I spent summers in New England, and can hear the tones even now...."wicked"!! God, I haven't heard that in...well, let's not even go there. I love "skeeved" though...don't you think it deserves a revival?

I bet you looked adorable in your hair band :-P


Before my husband went to Massachusetts to meet my family for the first time, he practiced saying "You ah wicked retahded!" and "That was wicked pissa!", and we used to bust a gut laughing every time he did it. He says he forgives me my hair-band past because I looked so "todally hot" with my big hair and spandex outfits. Oh, boy...we're really in trouble if Dawn reads this and starts contributing, too- we'll have to ask her if she ever said "I took a wicked diggah" down R.I. way.

We'll have to come up with a list of old-school terms for revival. Yes, "skeeved" will definitely have to be right up there with "No, sah!".


I've never heard "skeeved" and even though I have no idea what it means, I love the term anyway. I had to look it up. After reading the definition at http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=skeeved&r=f, I wouldn't go so far as to say I was skeeved at seeing the post but I'm afraid that the idea of eating egg-salad does make me carsick. (I AM skeeved at miracle-whip though. ;^))

And yes, dill is one of my favourites! I always have difficulty deciding if we should garnish salmon steak with dilled mayonnaise, basil pesto or green peppercorn mayonnaise.

(I can't contribute to the old highschool terms because I have blocked the whole sordid highschool memory from what's left of my mind.)



Moira, it's all your fault. You now have me laughing so hard that I can't even compose a new post...


Oh, we are so going to be in trouble if we ever hook up in N.Y., aren't we? I can just imagine you, me, Dawn & Jen gettin' wicked retahded over coffee and pastries...it *would* be pissa!

Elizabeth, I'm sorry to hear that Miracle Whip skeeves you out, I really am. I actually don't mind mayonnaise, but I *do* get totally skeeved out when my sister licks the spoon clean....bbbblllleeeeeecccccchhhhh...disgusting! ;-)


Start planning the trip -- I'm ready fuh just the sawta wicked pissa yuh taalkin' about...


eeeeewwwwww gross-eteria, Moira!! That is revolting! Does your sister lick the miracle-whip spoon clean too? (errrrrrm - excuse me - I'm getting rather queasy.)


She *hates* Miracle Whip, but she would lick mustard off a spoon, too! I know...it gives me the shivers just thinking about it.


EEEWWWW! Talk about being SKEEVED! Here are the only things I'd EVER lick off the spoon: peanut butter, Nutella, congealed dark chocolate fudge sauce directly out of the Scharffen Berger jar...and maybe creme fraiche, I love the stuff so much...


Mustard? Now that's a little masochistic.

Peanut butter??? Nooooooooooo. My tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth just thinking about it! (Never had Nutella - some might say I'm deprived.) But Fudge sauce? Creme fraiche? Red currant jelly? Definitely. Isn't that required?


I can only do peanut butter or chocolate things...maybe jam...but nothing else! Eating a spoonful of creme fraiche? Yikes!


I have to say - I have no idea how I came about this website (well I do - but it just doesn't 'fit' what i was looking for).....but I am cracking up.

Mustard being "masochistic" is going to keep me grinning at odd hours of the day for weeks to come.....

And I have to be honest and say - I am with Julie's sister - I lick both the mayo and the mustard spoons clean. (I'll only eat Miracle Whip - if someone else uses it - so it never happens to be on a spoon near me...thank God - because I don't think I could bring myself to do it) And in England....the clotted cream - you can bring it to me in a gravy boat with a shovel - I LOVE it! ;0)

Anyway - don't know you all...but wanted to let you know you guys are a riot.


Hey Mary -- glad you found us! We do have a good time...and you're always welcome to join in...


Just to weigh in with a few more votes: Egg Salad as breakfast? Wonderful, love it. I've even been known to get E.S. from Starbuck's for a morning sandwich, although I prefer my own, on a toasted bagel.

Out here on the West side, we have Best Foods, which is Hellman's, and it's the only acceptable mayo in my book.

Miracle Whip? No. Really ... honestly, is there anymore more vile? I call it Miracle Sick, because I'm continually surprised that there are those who eat it and don't throw up a little bit in their mouths, afterward.

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