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March 23, 2005



I have this romantic image of you and G. in my mind, I imagine a lot of laughing and good times between the two of you. Just the fact that G. washes all the dishes has forever endeared him to me.
I'm not an apple dessert kind of person either, I too would pick many other things over an apple dessert but your muffins looked and sounded so good especially the crumble part.

Zarah Maria

Julie, Julie, they both sound magnificent! I'm as much of a chocolate person as the next guy - um, girl?!, but you're apple version sounds wicked! I like that you combine sauteed with raw apples, mmmm.. And brown sugar, even more yum! And while the crumble sounds delish too, I'm thinking cream cheese frosting... Thank God it's Easter, otherwise I'd have no time to try all of these recipes!


Oh, Julie -- how beautiful! I am a total muffin junkie, mostly of the fruit variety, but I can't see any possible way a chocolate-filled, chocolate-topped, chocolate-chip muffin could be bad! As soon as we find an apartment and get settled, I'll be trying both of these recipes. =)


Wow, both of these sound fantastic! I'll make the apple muffins first, but I imagine that I'll also give the chocolate ones a whirl fairly soon- they sound WAY too good to pass up.

Great entries, Julie!


Lovely, both of them! Admittedly Ive never had an apple muffin but I love the idea of an apple stresel muffin. Streusal anything really! And I am a chocolate fiend, so that will get made first! (Too bad I dont live near Moira, otherwise we could sample them both at once!)


I don't know if it was the Johnny Appleseed cartoon of my youth, a the cored baked apples filled with cinnamon, sugar & butter that my mother had waiting for us after snowball fights, or the macs that grew in my Grandmother's back yard for me to steal at the first sign of red, but I've always been an apple person. Your muffins sound wonderful--lucky G.



Oh yes, two for the price of one visit! Julie I had a hard time getting to the rest of your post after I read that italicized quote up top! I am translating it in my head into italian and OMG, I am going to share this little doozie with my husband and tell him to share it with the boys at work as a wise american proverb. I'm such a rascal!


Glad I've found the choc. chip muffin recipe as well as the apple muffin. I am like G, I will almost always order the apple dessert off any menu. Especially if there is caramel involved. I too love chocolate with orange, so I'll follow your idea with zest and juice.
Thanks for recipes.


Deb, it's true, G and I do have the most fun ever on a daily basis! And I agree -- doing the dishes makes his wish my command...which often involves crumbles, crumbs or crunchiness.

Zarah, Kelli, Moira -- give them a try and let me know what you think. I'm going to have to do ANOTHER batch of apple muffins this weekend since we're almost out and it's making us sad...

Tanvi, isn't streusel the best? That's why I had to put crunchy crumbly goodness on BOTH these muffins. Someday we have to figure out how to have a transatlantic/transpacific/crosscountry tea party, so we can share all these goodies...

Johnny Appleseed notwithstanding, you could bake these muffins, Joe. Or wheedle Christine into it...

Rowena, the guys will go for that quote, I'm sure -- especially if my experience of Italian men is anything to go by. I found them to be the world's greatest charmers who truly love and adore women, in the best possible way...but how do you say "Dude" in Italian, especially with the right attitude? Gotta know this.

Hey Ernie girl, glad to see you. I was planning to cut and paste the muffins over at NK...


I am reading this at work and you are making me ache to go home and bake!!!! Oh well, I'll go catch some babies instead....

Jessica "Su Good Eats"

Oh wow. The apple crumble muffins look delicious. What a great idea of having the double-textured apples. I think I'll sub the sour cream with yogurt to make it healthier. You're a great writer BTW!

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I've never had an apple muffin but I love the idea of an apple stresel muffin.


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And I'm glad you enjoyed the skewers - but I'm afraid your combat trousers were about the only manly thing I could detect about you, so you're safe on that count!! ;-)

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