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March 04, 2005


Zarah Maria

The world would be a much nicer place if you were the one sentencing villains Julie - I just know it! And we would all have mac'n'cheese and chocolate cake all the time - now I'd like that!:-)


Well said! It really is a shame that they didn't consult with you about Martha Stewart's sentencing. (I keep wondering why she was targetted in the first place and yet others have gotten off scott free. "Scapegoat" springs to mind.)

Oooh I adore macaroni and cheese and that version does look good. In fact, it looks just like my mom's (except that as I recall, Mom used cheddar cheese only and dry bread crumbs and no butter for the top crust) But definitely, I'll clink forks! Mac'n'cheese is in order for today.



Mac and cheese.....[insert Homer Simpson "donuts" sound effect here].....oh, yeah.


Zarah...oh, Zaaaarraaaaaahhhh....there's mac and there's cake waiting for you in New York...

Elizabeth -- any day is a good day for mac 'n' cheese -- unless we're being good and having those nice virtuous diety dinners of fish and veggies...which I like too, don't get me wrong...but every so often, give me my mac...

Moira, please get over here and take a gorgeous artful food-porny photo that does justice to the regal cheese-dripping glory of this dish...


Of course you are right, Julie. Will you please come and explain that to my husband? He just doesn't understand about the importance of having macaroni and cheese every day. (It IS one of the required food groups, isn't it?)


I wish I could! I am going to make and photograph mac & cheese tomorrow for my post on the 'Falling Cloudberries' giveaway contest, though. I like it plain and my husband absolutely *loves* it with bread crumbs on top, so we'll have to see which one makes it into the post. Hopefully it will be "porny" enough for you, Julie! ;-)


Why don't you do and photograph a half and half version? One half with breadcrumbs on top and the other half without? I love it both ways and whichever way it is, is my favourite.

Have you ever put cocktail olives and tuna fish in as well? It's delicious!

raspberry sour

the first part of your title tweaked my brain back to a german film i saw several years ago called 'mostly martha'. about a chef with a temper working in a very sophisticated establishment. she prepares elaborate meals for herself alone in her apartment and teaches her therapist to bake. enter italian chef and his calm italian passions.

far more satisfying than our own martha has ever shown herself to be.

Elna Smith

You do write beautifully Julie! That's one of the reasons I do visit you at least twice a day. I simply love reading your blog. It has become a form of learning as well as entertainment for me. I do learn a lot from your writing and your culinary adventures.

Yes indeed, you've got an excellent idea about what they should have done with Martha Stewart. Too bad you were not consulted! Anyhow, I love mac n cheese and I've got to try this one next week. Thanks once again.


Thanks Elna -- it's great to have you visit. I think if you try this mac'n'cheese, you won't be sorry!


Perhaps, Julie, as a part of her post- prison activities, Martha can set up an institutional food blog. I know that the camp where I work during the summer could really benefit from a good mac and cheese recipe (current recipe, place elbow mac in tepid water in the morning and leave it there until noon when you drain it and squeeze cheese from a pouch on top, spoon into a bowl and serve). We could certainly use help from Martha and you.


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