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March 17, 2005



Oh Julie, how incredibly, incredibly, lovely those bars are! Lucky colleagues!!!


Lucky, indeed! I think those bars would travel well, too...just in case you wanted to send some over my way. ;-)


Here's what her colleagues think: those things are fucking good. We fought over them, cut them into tiny pieces, and got reprimanded by our boss for talking about them rather than business during our meeting today. Julie's made a lot of things for her colleagues over the years, but the sunrise carmel shortbread is my favorite so far.


I have been spoiled by Julie's baking on Fridays at work for a few years now. The annual holiday plate of cookies is now eagerly awaited. The Sunrise Brownies were "bloody good." Truth told, I was sold before I took the first bite because I love carmel and shortbread...and blood oranges. But the marriage! The palest of carmel I've ever seen. What I love about these bars, and all of Julie's baking, is the juggle of beauty (these are a lovely "study in the nuances of brown") and taste. Others cried, "Rich." But I ate two greedily. And tucked one in my bag to take home for my sweetie.


Marvelous (drawn out and said as Billy Crystal would)!!
As usual, Julie has out done herself. The Sunrise Crystal Shortbreads are outstanding, just the right balance of sweet, crunchy and smooth. I'm not a great fan of chewy caramel, although I love the caramel coating on a crème brulé (somebody will correct the spelling), but all the flavors just blended so well together.

I appreciate someone who is willing to spend such time on getting just the right consistency and flavor, truly a labor of love. I would have given up at the curdled caramel (beside, I didn't know that something so delicious could come from a microwave).

Thank you for sharing Julie.


Julie, I'm not sure if I'm using the term correctly, but as my English friend would say, I'm gobsmacked.


And I like the idea of the squares being cut up into smaller squares. It would mean no guilt at having two. The oranges also look amazing and I bet the marriage of tastes is perfect.

You are brilliant. And you are truly brilliant for persevering and making the caramel a second time.



Julie - I am definately putting inorange oil the next time I make caramel. It sounds like it worked perfectly! Not to mention how incredibly gorgeous your bars are with that candied orange.


those look so sinful, my mouth is watering. i like your idea of mixing the flavor of orange with caramel. it sounds so yummy!

Zarah Maria

They are so pretty and profesional looking - and the combination of flavors sounds divine! If you ever stop teaching you should become a chocolatier Julie! And I agree with Moira - I'm sure they'll travel well! Hint, hint...:-)


rowena and Elizabeth -- thanks so much for the kudos. These actually were not difficult to make once I got past my caramel mishap. I think a second time they'd go together pretty fast, candied oranges notwithstanding.

Moira, Zarah -- unfortunately I don't think there will be any left to send. The workmates and those at a party tonight are going to be the benefactors this time around :-( But hey, as I'm always saying, come to NY.

K, tt and Felicia -- thanks to my charming co-workers for the live testimonials! One good way to keep me baking and bringing it all in to work!

tanvi and Nic -- yes, do try orange in the caramel -- it's a dream. It reminds me of the caramelly orange-scented florentines I make at holiday time. Thanks so much for stopping by -- I'm gonna run check you both out as well.


hi julie! those shortbread bars are so beautiful! i'm sure they tasted even better.. but man. that picture is enough for me. :) i also liked the quote from langston hughes...


Dearest Julie, there's very little I can say that hasn't already been said so concisely and perfectly by everyone above me. Can I just say that you really are a cook after my own heart? You get an idea, a flavor memory, in your mind, and you build from it to create something imaginative while still remaining true to basic flavor principles. Not everyone can do this -- believe me, I have spent a lot of time around cooks, both professional and hardcore amateur (a/k/a the kind that win prizes in bakeoffs) and you would be amazed at how many of them put stuff together just for the sake of creating outre combinations. Not that I mind outre combinations when they work, but when they don't work, the results can be truly nasty.

These, though, these are just gorgeous, and are going to drive me into the kitchen today (although whether I make these or something else, only time will tell ;).

Have I told you lately that every post from you is just such a joy?


Yum, I love your caramel fantasy. (I chickened out on making nougat... going through a candy bar desirous moment lately! )

Diane Patterson

Wow. These look great.

I was wondering about the recipe -- after the entry for orange oil, you have 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. A teaspoon of what?


Jen, thanks so much -- your supportive comments always do much to keep me writing, thinking, cooking...there's something you hit upon, about playing with flavors that are under your skin for a reason -- they're childhood flavors, or they might be newer friends, but they haunt you, and so you find ways of dabbling with them. You're right, it's not the same thing as ingredients for fashions' sake...

McAuliflower -- thanks for stopping by -- your entries are amazing, btw!

Diane, thanks for catching that! It's fleur de sel or any other sea salt, and I'll correct that right away.


I've actually made these, Julie, but from the book. Yours sound divine. I have to make your version of course. I love to pair chocolate and orange together.

Great idea to do it as a caramel shortbread.


Jessica "Su Good Sweets"

Looks gorgeous!


Wow oh wow. Those look amazing!


Caroline, thanks for stopping in -- I appreciate your consistency!

Jessica and chronicler, so glad to see you here -- and thanks for your sweet (ahem) comments...


your bars are beautiful and the orange on top seems a great compliment.


Carolyn, thanks for taking a look! I'm a great admirer of your blog, btw.


These look and sound amazing - and the layers of taste and texture are so wonderful! What a great recipe. Thanks so much for joining in on SHF!


Just catching up Julie, these truly are a thing of beauty!


They look amazing, i am just wondering if they can be made without the alcohol?


Ali, you could certainly make these without the alcohol. I'm sure the flavor of the candied orange slices would still be lovely, especially if you're using blood oranges. If it's the alcohol content itself that worries you, though, a small quantity of alcohol like this which remains at a boil for several minutes will shortly cease to contain alcohol at all -- and these cook for an hour! The alcohol surely boils off, and only the flavor remains.

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