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March 11, 2005



Julie what a lovely evening, the food sounded wonderful, your writing is awesome and I need to get myself and hubby to Tabla soon!
You had me rolling on the floor with your description of Madison Square Park- it was indeed a haven for rats quite a few years ago but has since undergone a massive renovation. The girl and I spent most of the summer and all of the fall in the playground area, it is one of the nicest playground areas in the city now, imagine that!


I love the Bread Bar, also one of my faves. I've eaten upstairs at Tabla, although the food and service were wonderful, I too prefer the Bread Bar. It's cozier and you can try so many different things. The chicken tikka is amazing, so is a lamb sandwich with mashed potatoes in the sandwich. I had the oppurtunity to work with Floyd Cardoz once, and he was a remarkable chef, and kind as well. Julie, it sounds like you had a great meal.



Hi Deb,

I know, I love Madison Park -- and obviously so does a signficant part of the city's population! And you definitely have to go to Tabla one night. Both the restaurant and the Bread Bar are well worth trying.

Hey Ernie,

At first I was determined to get that lamb and mashed potato sandwich, since I've wanted to try it for ages, but I knew from the climate of the table that I would be the only one eating it, and I was TRYING to follow a sharing protocol, despte others at the table...They also have taken one of my faves off the menu, Lamb Chops "Rogan Josh" which was absolutely delish. Ah well -- perhaps it will return.


Hi Julie,

I tried to leave a comment when you first posted, but it seems as though my browser or Typepad was acting up.

It sounds like you all had a great time, despite the ordering snafus, and all of the food sounds fab. I wish you and Ernie hadn't mentioned the lamb and mashed potato sandwich...that sounds absolutely delicious. Since there's no way for me to have one right this minute, I'm just going to be bitter about it. Thanks for wrecking my week with your great write-up, Julie! ;-)


Hands down I would've ordered Lots of Passion too...and I would've been brazen enough to wink at the waiter as well if he'd been deemed worthy of an eyelash batting....Brava!

Julie since this post had so many phrases that just lured me in, I'll just do a list of what got me dancing around my apartment (well mentally).

1. Indian street-food
2. Indian fusion cuisine
3. passionfruit (as a kid my father and I would go passionfruit-gathering in the sugarcane fields...they grew like weeds, nobody wanted them)
4. Bread Bar sharing ethos--I rue the fact that we don't know many couples who like this style of eating. What's wrong with communal eating? I'll share everything on the table except my dessert.
5. spiced roasted beet salad (loooove beets!)

My husband and I dined at an Indian fusion restaurant over the weekend (Masala in Lecco) and it was a *first* for me although my husband had eaten at an indian restaurant years ago in Torino. At first he was hesitant about eating at another indian place again because at that other restaurant, he was horrified to see a rat scurrying into the kitchen when he passed by to use the washroom.

I guess you could say that rats don't scare me when I'm curious about the food.

It turned out to be a fantastic dining experience and I only wish I knew more about indian cuisine. Definitely much more to it than mulligatawny soup! And ehm...no rats in sight.

But ooooh...how I wish you'd been able to get some pics!


Oh puh-leeze, Moira. Boo-frikkin'-hoo, I feel so sorry for you, since you live in England where, unlike NYC, the majority of Indian restaurants are actually good. Then again, if you don't live near London that may not make any difference. Hmmm. Well, you're allowed to be bitter as long as it's justified. Just put the Bread Bar on your NYC list, and as soon as you get here, we'll ply you with lamb and mashed-potato sandwiches.

Rowena, for some reason it's hard for me to imagine Indian food in Italy (I guess I think that the Italians have such good food that why would they want to eat anything else, but of course we all want variety). Masala sounds like it was great. If you want some good Indian recipes, check out Deb's posts at In My Kitchen (http://www.murrayhill5.net/blog/inmykitchenblog/) She has some great recipes for Murgh Masala and Saag Gosht, fairly recent posts. And the pic situation should be resolved soon...


Ha! I have two words for you Julie: FARM COUNTRY. We live about 80 miles north of London. There's one pretty good Indian restaurant in the vicinity, but it's nothing that blows your skirt up. Nothing like lamb and mashed potato sandwiches. I'm just saying.

Do I get my bitterness permission slip now? ;-)

Joe C

In addition to building those two great restaurants, civic-minded Danny also played an important role in the transformation of Madison Park.


Moira, bitterness permission granted. If only one could email a lamb-mashed-potato sandwich...

Joe, thanks for the background on Danny M -- which doesn't surprise me. He's done so much in addition to providing great food for NYers.

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Julie what a lovely evening, the food sounded wonderful, your writing is awesome and I need to get myself and hubby to Tabla soon!


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