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April 24, 2005



Very nice! It almost looks to good to eat! But where's the fun inthat? Super choice! I will duplicate!

Joe Bellacero

It looks like Spring on a platter. What could be better than that?


"one of those periods when you're doing so much cooking that you don't actually have time to blog about it"....

Ha! You too eh? I swear, some days I just wish I never even started this whole FOOD blog business thing because besides having to type up the recipe and making sure you got the instructions right, you have to take the photo, crop, resize, enhance, and load it in all it's mouthwatering splendor.

Hmmm.... sounds like an average morning of primping before the mirror before walking out the door. Uhm, yeah...ok. ;-)

Julie, on the bright side, atleast YOU made an effort to participate in IMBB and SHF this time 'round. Me, I'm just diggin' the photos!

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