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April 21, 2005



Yum - these sound amazing! You had me with molasses and bar cookie, but with dates, chocolate and pecans...oh my!

Zarah Maria

I have to say the same as Cathy: oh YUM! They sound LOVELY Julie! Bookmarked!


Wow - these bars look and sound fantastic! What a great way to use molasses and to allow it to shine through, rather than just using it as a flavour "crutch" as it is oftentimes.

Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in on SHF...!


oh. my. going in my bookmarks NOW. great entry!


Great cookies! I bet they taste very good as well. Thanks for sharing 'coz most of the recipes I know for molasses are for gingerbreads, gingercakes, fruit cakes, and molasses cookies. At least yours is NOT one of these. :lol:

Joe C

Where's mines?


Hi Cathy -- as you can tell, I'm a pushover for chewy, nutty and chocolatey...

Zarah, I bet these would work with sirup if you can't find molasses...

Jennifer, these were fun to make. SHF is always a joy -- thanks so much for your *brainchild*!

Tanvi, if you give them a try, let me know how it goes!

Celia, it's always fun to play with something different -- although next time I'm going to be tempted to add some crystallized ginger, since I think that would work well with the other ingredients.

And Joe...well...you'll get yours in a day or so...

Joe Bellacero

There's a sweet, delicious laziness to the fact that all I have to do is show up on a Friday and I get to taste your creations. These were great!



Julie - these concoctions look fabulous! And with all those great ingredients how could they not taste that way too! I love bars of any type and I think that I might have to nic this recipe from you sometime soon. Yum!

Thanks so much for taking part in SHF this month!


Having been chastised for not commenting on this treat, I was compelled to add my 2 cents to this old posting. I was reminded once again of the special taste of these Extreme Congo bars as Julie brought them alond with her madelines. I especially like the sweetness of the dates which stands out among the sweetness of the chocolate and molasses. There is nothing I enjoy more than the mixture of fruit, nuts and chocolate, so of course this is among my favorites.

Anna McAnthony

I love the flavor of molasses in these cookies. And with all the other yummy things, they’re a real hit.

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Very delicous, thanks for great recipe

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