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April 17, 2005



Sounds like a lovely DC weekend! That malted milk creme brulee sounds absolutely delicious, as does that Irish breakfast! Yum. Looking forward to hearing about your Vermont travels...


Ha! Speaking of slumps... I am prepared for those times when I just don't want to write about what the heck I made/ate last night! I've a few pre-drafted posts that I keep on hand for such occasions. That way I can sneak off some time to do other things like reading (just finished Da Vinci Code), crafting, and trying an attempt at watercolors. (I'm such a cheater!)

Regarding your comment about the tropea onions though, I think my husband fell more for the Buffalo Wings. He's never had them in his life and is ever so grateful that his wife likes to put all sorts of dishes on the table! :-D

Joe C

Don't eat mercury-laden swordfish! That's an order.


Molly, I'll keep you posted. I hope to get back to the Pacific Northwest one of these days, too. And you absolutely have to go to Levenworth -- it's Bavarian Disneyland!

Rowena, I've tried to keep a few posts in my back pocket as well -- sometimes I just get into a mood where if I don't use them when they're "fresh" for me, it loses the thrill...I can just imagine your husband -- how a classically trained Italian palate responds to the joy of Buffalo wings...

Ooohhh...Big Brother really IS watching me! Okay, JC, we'll switch back to salmon, catfish and our other regularly programmed water-going friends. We only eat swordfish about twice a year, but if it's crazy harmful, we'll stop.

Joe C

I know your "twice a year." If it were *really* twice a year it would probably be ok. Watch out for that nasty farmed salmon, too. You're better off eating canned salmon cakes or organic chicken.

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