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May 23, 2005


Joe C

Very sorry but, as your grateful brother, I disagree vehemently with both the content and tenor of this post. In fact, the vegetarian-adapted Lemon Hoo-Ha was a culinary triumph: feather-light, lemony, tart-sweet, creamy, not gritty at all (and did I mention delicious?)....Not only was it all those things, but it kept well in the fridge until last night, when we both ate some more. We also had Sunday lunch from the other excellent leftovers. Those weren't just "nice noises." Those were the sounds of deep enjoyment....One vegetarian substitute for gelatin is agar, by the way.

Elizabeth W

I heartily agree with the previous post. The dessert was spectacular- all the wonderful and rich lemon-flavor of lemon meringue pie, with an even fluffier texture. The fish- which you should also mention- is now my favorite recipe for salmon. A fantastic housewarming all-in-all.


hi julie--when you look for the appropriate kosher gelatin, take a close look at the package, as not all kosher gelatins are vegetarian, let alone vegan. some are make with fish bones and some with beef skins. there's a brand called emes kosher jel or summat like that which is made with carrageenan, a seaweed derivative (as is agar-agar).


Joe and Elizabeth,

Thanks so much for the lovely comments. G and I are very happy that you enjoyed the dinner -- we had a lot of fun. As for the dessert, I absolutely value your judgement and opinion. I'm just overly picky, and when things don't fit the image I have in mind, I have not yet succeeded in my quest...


Thanks for the info on gelatin. I was hoping to find a fish-derived gelatin, since that would have worked for the particular dietary restrictions I was working with. Next time, I think I'll try agar or the Emes gel you recommended. And btw, I'm totally hooked on "I'm Feeling Lucky".


hi julie! i would be too, if i had such poetic keywords or perfect lyrics come up to my blog too :-)


Try some agar-agar powder for vegetarian gelatin dishes :) It might be hard to find in most places, but should be doable in NY or via the web. It also makes a much nicer gelatin & jellies, I find (less prone to break apart and jigglier, oddly).

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