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May 01, 2005



Yum, yum, yum!!!! You know, I am so glad that I never got into vegetarianism... not that I don't like veggies, but man, how could anyone pass on bacon, and ham, and breakfast sausage?? {sigh} I only wish there were diners like that over here.


Me too, rowena -- I like being an omnivore. I really enjoy my vegetables, and meatless meals are fine with me, but not as a steady diet. As for diners in Italy, well -- you have all those great slow food restaurants you keep me tantalized with...

Joe Bellacero

That's a diner the way a diner should be. I'm sitting here now, really craving bacon--especially since I had scrambled eggs this morning without, ah well.

By the way, if you happen to be downtown sometime there's a neat little restaurant I would like you to check out for lunch. It's Luzzo's--1st Ave. between 11th and 12th. It's one of the few places making pizza in a coal-fired oven. They serve wine in the same juice glasses grandpa used to drink his from (at those times when he allowed it a brief pause between the bottle and his lips). The Funghi Pizza made with bufala mozzarella is as good as anything you can get in Napoli, and the people could not possible be sweeter. Give it a try sometime and let me know what you think.



Joe -- if you want, the next time G and I go to Vermont, I'll bring you back some good bacon...and I'd love to try Luzzo's. That's the neighborhood I worked in years ago -- I wish I had known about it then! My favorite coal-fired pizza is Lombardy's on Spring Street -- I like it even better than East Harlem Patsy's, which is our neighborhood joint. Can't wait to give Luzzo's a try!


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