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June 07, 2005



Great job Julie! Not an easy task at all :)


We must think alike! I was most tempted by Sarah's entry as well.

Congrats Sarah!


I have to say, I agree 100%, her entry sounded delicious and looked beautiful. I would have awarded her myself! Thank you Julie, and Congrats Sarah!


I popped by after having read about Paper Chef via Traveler's Lunchbox... What a great theme! Looks like I'll have to make the rounds and check out some of the recipes. Looks dee-li-cious!


Excellent choice! I too was tempted by this entry. Sarah really hit it spot on!


*gasp!* omg! me? silly li'l me?

i can't believe it! i am totally tickled and of course, so totally honored and...and...and...i don't know what to say!

this might sound so incredibly silly, but wow, isn't it weird how in our funny little (yet very wide) world, something like this could mean so much to me? really, it means so much. like julie emailed me earlier this morning, i feel like i won an oscar or something - lol!

thank you thank you thank you. it's so ridiculously fun to play with you all every month!

*little curtsy*

*runs off shrieking with glee*


Considering all the innuendo surrounding Sarah's entry, I think we should rename this dish

"Sarah's Souffle Sauce-Pot"

or better stil:

"Sauce-Pot Sarah's Souffle"?

either way - i think she has inspired me to try my hand at souffle making sometime. good job everyone, I can't wait til I am off the weekend work and can enter again.


A agree totaly. What a wonderful recipe.

Lady X

Wow, I have to say that souffle looks pretty amazing! And I'm impressed with Sarah's ability to have whipped this up given that she was "indisposed" for most of the weekend! :)


Applause. Yes, that souffle in deed is a hit.

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It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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