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June 15, 2005



What a great idea to cut cauliflower in cross-section! And hey I for one would like to see him guest-posting on this site!

Gia Parsons

I cut my cauliflower into cross sections too, they hold their shape much better and your can cook them more evenly. Cruciferous vegetables eg., cauliflower, brocolli, brussel sprouts are all the rage because of anti-cancer properties. This is a delicious way to get your vitamins!


Hi Rowena,

I bet you get incredible cauliflower in Italy. Somehow the vegetables over there always seem to have more flavor -- they're less watery or something. Maybe our soil here has become denatured with fertilizers and chemicals -- and of course some of our vegetables are genetically engineered for size and sturdiness rather than flavor and texture. Do you ever make any of those yummy pasta con cavalfiore dishes?

Hi Gia -- you're so right about the goodies that our cruciferous veggies contain. I'm always looking for ways to put more of this stuff into our diet. Roasting is simple and delicious, but I'm willing to branch out, too. I'm so glad you came and commented -- I love your blog, btw.

Joe C

Problem is I can't remember where I got this idea. Very popular in our house too and makes a nice party display. You need a frseh head of cauliflower that isn't getting dried out or it crumbles when you try to slice it...Yes, preferably organic.


Oooo, I'll bet this works a treat with broccoli romanesco -- that's the light-green broc-cauliflower hybrid whose florets look like pointy fractals. I am so trying this in the fall! :)

brian w

This looks delicious! Any recommendations for total cooking time on this recipe? After the 7 minutes on one side, I mean; are we talking another 7 minutes or more like half an hour?

I'm thinking about trying this out tonight but I'm a little wary about making sure it will be ready at the same time as the fish I'd like to serve it with :)


Hi Brian,

I would say it probably takes another five to seven minutes, but it is of course somewhat dependent on your oven and how even the heat is. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.


This is so fine. Why I didn't think of it, I can't imagine. But that is so often true of the best ideas. They make so much sense, you feel you must have always known about them. I'm off to make some.


Lindy, let me know how it worked out for you!


Thanks for a great idea. I just discovered cauliflower and have been experimenting. Last week I tried it roasted with garam masala, olive oil and sea salt.


Di, thanks for visiting. Cauliflower is a staple in our house, since it's one of G's favorite vegetables. Check out my recent posting for cauliflower soup as well -- very comforting in cold weather.

muska supra

Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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