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June 04, 2005



That soup looks beautiful - so vibrant! Many years ago I learned how to make bread from a recipe in the Tassajara bread book - it was the best ever. I certainly know what you mean about craving spring-y foods in spite of the weather - it seems my body has its own annual clock that compels me to eat certain things regardless of what the thermometer says. And not to worry, it's not like everyone is basking in the June sun - we're starting to wonder if spring will ever arrive!

Joe C

The asparagus-and-leek version of this soup was simply marvelous. It's even better when Julie cooks it herself and delivers it personally to our apartment. What a little gal!

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It is just like yours, minus the snacks in rooms. We each go to our beds and read or look at books, they may play something quietly on their bed or they may rest. After one hour, it seems we are refreshed and restored and happy to see each other!

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I usually serve mine the day I make it, hot from the oven with brown rice,
and a steamed vegetable of my choice with a little soy sauce on the rice
and veggies for flavor. Have you tried cooking octopus sous vide? And if I were to try doing it what settings would you recommend?

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It doesn't look taste at all but I tasted something similar and don't let you that the appearance trick you. It tastes pretty good. Highly recommend it.

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