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June 30, 2005



OH! You mentioned the "M" word and now I will add the items necessary to make margheritas onto the shopping list.

Tonight I am making the beet soup. Perfect for this hot weather we've been having!

Betty Pazmino

Ay,Julie, you have alotof splaning to do...
Sorpresa, and thanks for reminding me of the great restaurant you and I enjoyed together on my first escape into the plaza from the compound/resort. I, too, loved my food - a 3 cheese quesadilla with a side of tasty guacamole - and the beverage you feature in your entry was so perfect for that dessert heat. But most of all, I loved the waiters! They were all muy cute and servicial, verdad?
Can't wait to see you and G. in SF soon!!!


Rowena, for some of us margaritas are always in season! Hope you like the beet soup -- let me know how it turns out.

Ay, Compañera Betty, I do have lots of 'splainin' to do, like always. I'm glad you enjoyed the waiters as much as the food! I thought everyone there was incredibly friendly, nice and easygoing. Lord knows I love my city but I do relax when I leave the pressure cooker we call NY. San Fran here we come! Saludos a Fernando y los niños -- con cariño de J & G.

Joe Bellacero


I'm glad any work you had to do wasn't allowed to get in the way of your eating.


The beet soup was yummy with a capital Y! I could seriously have that soup everyday!

As for the margaritas...grrr...I could find the tequila, but not the margarita mix that makes it so easy. Yeah, yeah, I know I could do it from scratch but José C. makes it so much simpler for us hostesses!


Joe, you know me well enough to know that I would NEVER let something like work interfere with my culinary pursuits. Be that as it may, I did begin a piece of writing in Santa Fe about which I do feel rather excited...

Rowena, I'm so glad you love the beet soup! I love it when I can eat something like that and know that it's both delectable and reasonably healthy. Sorry about the margaritas, though -- guess you'll just have to do it from scratch. They'll taste better anyway...


And once again, I find in blogland the neighbors I miss--from Brooklyn. It was from a 3d Street Park Slope address that I moved here, and while I truly believe the move saved my health and sanity, I pine for ethnic food. Not the Santa Fe Grill, rather the Chinatown, the 6th Street Indian, the Brooklyn neighbahoods....I love New York, even if I can't live there.


Karen, I truly empathize with you. We come to Vermont at least twice a year, since G's parents live in a small town there. However, while I can see that you don't get a lot of ethnic cusine, you've got the wonderful Farmers' Diner in Barre, and that great La Brioche Bakery in Montpelier...

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