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June 13, 2005



YESSSSSS!! Julie, my husband and I LOVE beets and we have those vacumn-packed ones here too, eh, although of an italian brand. I'm really eager to try this recipe as we usually just slice them up and eat 'em with mayo or balsamic. I've been curious about chilled soups lately as I'm preparing for the hot summer months.

Thanks for the comps on my pics... I swear after getting the digital, it all makes my blogging life so easy (hahaha). Really though, I do crop and TWEAK all images in Adobe PhotoShop. What everyone sees is a product of my damned fussiness. Anyways, now I am very curious to know about your camera. I know you recently received one from your brother? I had absolutely no experience whatsoever with digital photography previous to an old SLR. If you'd like to share the details just email me.


Crap! I haven't made the meatballs and chicken yet, and now this! I hate to say it, but I think I'm going to have to ignore your updates on my Bloglines listing until I *at least* make the chicken and meatballs...otherwise, I'm never going to catch up! I guess there are worse complaints to have...;-)


Rowena, if you try this, you won't regret it -- especially since you and your husband are already beet-lovers. I make no claims for this soup's power to convert beet-haters. G, for example, won't touch it. I'll email you separately about the pics -- I'm just a great admirer of yours!

Now Moi. Don't be that way. I can't imagine that anyone who reads food blogs doesn't suffer from "so many recipes, so little time" syndrome. It's summer, so shelve the chicken and meatballs until the weather cools down, and make yourself some chilled soup, either this kind or another. I could live on the stuff when the climate is as brutal as it's been here for the past week or so...


Ah, but the weather here is still decidedly non-summer- with highs of only 60 or so and lows around 40-45. Chicken and meatballs is still a viable choice for dinner, much to my amazement (and not-so-secret thrill)! I will save the borscht for August, when it will hopefully get up into the 80s. I know, be careful what I wish for, right? ;-)


Truly, be careful with your wishes, Miss Moi. We've just had the coldest spring that I can remember (there were days in May when we wished the heat was still on) and in what seems like an instant we were plunged into muggy humidity in the 90's. In any case, I'm glad if it means that potted chicken and meatballs will still have a chance to work their way onto your menu sometime soon. Let me know how it goes. Oh, and by the way, the borscht works well as a hot soup, too, although it's not the thick winter version that I make in cold weather.

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