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July 24, 2005


Zarah Maria

Hi Julie! I hope you have an amazing vacation regardless of all the changes - you've done what you could to start them off well, that's for sure! Mmmm, berry muffins with apricot curd...

Joe C

Where's mine?
But seriously...I just wanted to say that your blog is brilliant as ever and the pics look better than ever. Also that the best food I had in East Africa was curry.


I love lemon curd, too, and am ready for the apricot variety---if only I could pass by your fridge for a spoonful.

Safe travels and happy eating...

melanie plesh

Your fruit entry reminds me about the 10 plums I have that I want to treat with respect. Have you an idea?


Hey Zarah -- if you're an apricot lover, you should try this apricot curd whenever I get around to posting the recipe...

Hi bro -- glad you're back safely. If you want apricot curd, I have some for you!

Same goes for you, Tyler -- we'll hook up at some point and I'll share the wealth.

Melanie! How nice of you to come visit the blog. I missed you on that last day in glorious N.O. As for plums, one of my absolute favorite things is an easy-but-impressive plum torte from Marian Burros. It specifies Italian prune plums, but I use any kind of plum, and indeed any kind of fruit. A link for the recipe is here:


But perhaps you had something else in mind....oven-roasted plums in wine and honey? Preserves? A plum tart? hmmmm....


i could see where an apricot curd recipe could probably use too much sugar. it's probably based muchly on lemon curd recipes which need of course need that sugar to balance the tartness. (just thinking outloud)

i can't wait to see this recipe! and oh, san francisco. sf is my favourite city at the moment.


Julie, that apricot curd looks and sounds scrumptious. I eagerly await your return from N.O. and S.F., so that I can get my greedy hands on the recipe! Oh, and by the way, I see that you too are a fan of Marian Burros' plum torte. Isn't that the most simple, spectacular thing? It's wonderful with apricots too, just in case you have a few left over from your curd-making...


Violet and Molly -- recipe is on the way! I just completed a second batch to give to friends, so I've done a bit of work on figuring out quantities.

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Very delicous, thanks for great recipe


Lemon curd and apricots! Delicious! Thank you.

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