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July 04, 2005



What a great teaser for MFK Fisher - I really have to get some of her books soon. And peas, ah peas! Fresh, please, no other way - but that way, oh yum!

Joe C

Fresh peas do rule, and I think you're right -- our sainted mother seemed to like those pitiful canned peas although she resembled Mary Frances Kennedy in many other ways... Those damn things were inedible and I too refused to eat 'em.
Your sister in law is a pea fanatic, so the shelling is left to her whenever we can find the genuine article. The frozen organic version will do for a quick risotto (with a touch of lemon), however. This makes a very good side dish for salmon when fresh peas are unavailable.

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Peas tastes incredible with almost all type of meals but I prefer to use white beans instead only for aesthetic reasons.

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