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July 10, 2005



Hi Julie. The cherries are awesome right now. They're so big and fat and delicious. I've never had cherry borscht. It sounds really good. I always love how you write so lovingly about your mom. She must have been a dear.


Hi, Julie-
Speaking of fear of pie crust, I just read an article (in the Times?) that suggested topless pies and rebelling against the lattice! Something to think about.


Hi Lea -- I always love it when you "come for a visit" here...I've been thinking about you because we're coming out to the Bay Area in August...maybe we'll meet up!

Hey Nani,
Great to see you here. I'm fine with tarts, and sweet crusts that you push into a pan -- it's that flaky piecrust you have to roll that gives me anxiety attacks...

Folks should go take a look at your wonderful blog, too! As soon as I start a typelist of "not necessarily food-blogs" I'm going to blogroll you.

Joe C

Farmer Dad actually tried to grow other produce on the old suburban homestead: two kinds of raspberries, I believe, plus some herbs and lettuce, right? And tomatoes. None of it worked out quite as well as the cherry tree, which required a lot of hard work to harvest.
Beautiful post. The soup and cake were marvelous, too.


Oh, Julie. That streusel cake looks so luscious. I can taste the butter from here.

I thought of you on my Saturday market run, where I saw the first of the cherries. I told myself I wouldn't buy new cherries until the freezer cherries were gone, but...nahhh. ;)

I think I've had a soup much like your mother's cherry borscht at a Polish restaurant in Greenpoint. I'll bet I can still find the restaurant, if you're game...


Hey bro,

Two kinds of raspberries? I'm not sure I remember that. What was the difference? I know we had a big mulberry tree out back too, but we never did anything with the berries. Dad planted red currants,too and we tried alpine strawberries, but they never really took. Lots of fresh herbs, though. Mom also grew arugula from seed that she brought back from Italy -- and that was before anyone any of us knew had ever heard of arugula! All that on a suburban quarter-acre...


Hey you Bakerina you,

When were you at the market on Saturday? I was there earlyish, 8:30 - 9:30...

You know me, I'm always up for adventure. But I'll go you one better. If you're planning to be up at K A & L some time within the next 10 days, schedules willing, you can come 12 blocks further uptown and I'll serve you some cherry borscht from Mom's recipe. If you miss the 10-day mark, it'll be a while, since G and I take off on a cross-country odyssey...


Hi Julie, lovely story. They made me nostalgic for my childhood, even though we never had a cherry tree! And those recipes look scrumptious. Unfortunately I haven't seen any sour cherries for sale here, though I have been making quick work of the sweet variety lately!


Julie, there's an a mention of sour cherries in tomorrows NY Times. I hope I can get my hands on some, I'd like to try making jam. The cherry soup looks awesome as does the cake!



Sorry I missed this when you first posted...I was out of town...beautifully written...great finish


Luscious post, Julie. Would you share your lovely mother's cherry borscht recipe?


the cherry streusel cake looks wonderful. Would you please share the recipe?


Hey Melissa -- I haven't been blogging or blogreading much lately, but even in passing, your cherry-hazelnut cake looks amazing!

Ernie, I'm so glad we scored some cherries the other day. I'll post the borscht recipe...

Mistergee, Teri, Anu -- welcome and thanks for visiting! I've been a bit crazed lately, but I will be posting the recipes as soon as I can figure out the soup, since I do it by eye...


Here I am, a year later, reading this post.. from googling sour cherry recipes as hubby is pulling in the fruit from the orchard... we're awash in sour cherries today. Your "an alternate life taking place on some other time strand. A choice not taken, a life not lived, at least here and now: my farmwife self"... makes me chuckle... as I am into year 15 of Farm-Woman-In-Training.. and oft wonder about my city-living-self from my choice-not-taken...
also am not that familiar with blogs so don't know if anyone will see this comment... lots left to learn of internet life too ... I love anything with "cake" and "struesel" in the name so will probably be baking a cake as soon as the weather cools... for sure I'll have many cherries on hand for the months to come.

Kirk Smith

where can I buy these pie cherries?


Kirk, I don't know where you're located -- but here in the Northeastern U.S., fresh sour pie cherries have a short season that runs from late June to mid-July, usually. If you're looking for them at this time of year, you'd probably have to rely on canned or frozen cherries, and even those are hard to find in the "pie cherry" variety. You might do an online search to find venues in your area. I find it better to use seasonal fruit for pies, and wait till summer for my sour cherries -- or else freeze my own stash in season for use at other times during the year.

Patricia Mariano

Ihave been searching the net trying to find sour cherries to make and old recipe for fresh sour cherries. Do you have any idea where I could fresh frozen sour cherries???


Patricia, this question is difficult to answer since I don't know where you are. It's been my experience that many health food and "whole food" type stores carry sour cherries frozen without sugar. Are you in a place where there isn't a season for fresh sour cherries? In the Northeastern U.S., our season is just winding down. If I were at home rather than on vacation, I'd be tempted to freeze a couple of quarts, which keep beautifully. Give me more information, and maybe I can help you out.


Ah yes, grew up with 2 Montmorcey cherry trees, 1 Bing Cherry tree, and one Bartlett Pear treee. Little did we know the riches we had. In the Bay Area now, I can get cherries, but not those lovely little sour cherries (sigh).

Andi P

My family has enjoyed my grandmother's Cherry Borscht recipe for years. We never met anyone else who had heard of it, though. We thought she made it up -converting a recipe for beet borscht (brought from the old country -Poland) to cherry borscht since she had a cherry tree in her yard in America. 'Our' cherry borscht looks just like yours. Do you know where your mother got her recipe from?

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