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August 15, 2005


Alma H.

hi chef julie! thanks for coming over to our house & staying with us. Im glad you had a fun time hopefully we will 2 when go over there. see you soon.~1

Betty Pazmino

Hola mi Julie,
So great to see your entry on your trip to the left coast. I will think of you and G. with every bite of pupusas from La Santaneca and every lick of an ice cream cone from Mitchells. Looking forward to seeing you so very soon!


Ciao Julie,

You and G have had an amazing summer...lots of food, fun, friends, and travel. What a way to go! It was so much fun to meet you, at last. You and G make a gorgeous couple, that's for sure.

We're still talking about our fabulous lunchtime get-together. I think little Jack preferred your lunch over his own. Thanks for sharing. ;-) Oh, and, the sorbets were absolutely divine.

So glad to know you made it back home, safe and sound. I'm already looking forward to your next trip out here. Perhaps, we can meet up in our kitchen, and make some fancy desserts. I know, we can make your brownies!

Lea xoxo


p.s. we love the apricot curd...


Becks & Posh

beautifully written round up.
The Bay Area will have you back any time you want!


Now, THAT's the way to do a vacation! What fun it is to read about your adventures--just gorgeous! And I'm so glad to hear that Tartine figured heavily into the SF portion of your travels. What I wouldn't give for a loaf of their country bread right now, searingly hot from the oven...sigh.

Welcome home.


We're going to N'Orleans in October and I can't wait!Fine dining,indeed.


Hey Alma -- I've been looking up all kinds of stuff for when you come to NYC!

Querida Betty, can't wait to see you in Gotham in September. We need to make some plans for a couple of evenings out!

Lea, I'm so glad you like the apricot curd! I'm posting the recipe soon. We had the best time with you and your family, and I know that we'll have fun again, next time out.

Sam, thanks so much for the kind words. It's great to know that there are welcome mats out in the Bay Area. We love it there (as if you couldn't tell!)

Molly, we did have a wonderful time, Tartine and all. Make sure to let me know about your next NYC jaunt!

Emily, thanks so much for stopping by. I can't wait to go back to New Orleans myself -- so many restaurants, so little time!

Margaret Westmoreland

You make all of the goodies I grew up eating sound even better. I'm thrilled you loved New Orleans and that you could take pieces of it home with you to share with your family.

I hope to read a submission from you in the SLWP anthology.



Margaret! How great to see you here visiting the blog. I did submit 2 things to the anthology -- hopefully they'll make the cut. Can't wait to get back to New Orleans!


What a sweet/sad feeling to read about your recent experiences in New Orleans. I lived there for a couple of years, and on the news yesterday saw a helicopter video as it was flying over my old neighborhood. I couldn't identify my exact house, but all the two story houses had showing was a roof, with perhaps a foot or two of the top floor.

I fear it will be a while before we enjoy beignets at the Central Market, or Muffalettas at Central Grocery, or breakfast at the Magnolia Grill, or brunch at Brennan's...

But I betcha this: New Orleans was not billed as "the city that care forgot" for nothin'--There may not be hundreds of elaborate floats. There may not even be scores of parades in every neighborhood, not just the most famous uptown ones...but there WILL be a Mardi Gras come February, and it be a good one...and when you say "Throw me somethin' mister" you'll still come home with a strand of beads to remember it by.


Oh Alyce, I do hope you're right. I'm waiting to hear from a number of friends/colleagues in N.O., and trying to write a post about it -- but I can't even seem to find the words...

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