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August 28, 2005



Oh, my dear! You are way, way too kind in your assessment of me. Not that I'm asking you to stop, mind you. ;) I had a sublime time, and we simply must do it again soon.

That's a good looking ratatouille. We finally killed the last of ours, beating a couple of eggs into it and spreading it on pizza dough. I'm trying so hard not to say "them's good eatin'!", but, well, them is.

Your apricot curd, by the way, is so good it makes me want to tap dance like Ruby Keeler. :)


Julie, sign me up for the ratatouille fan club! In a two-week stretch earlier this month, I made it three times. My recipe is a spin-off on the stovetop one in the New Joy of Cooking, but like yours, it changes a bit every time. For the next batch, I'll have to throw in a few leeks, too--great idea, m'dear.


Hi Julie -- Just to let you know I've included this as a favorite Veggie Post of the Week. Ratatouille is a favorite around here, especially this time of year! AK


WOW! My ratatouille craze started a month ago dining at a French restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA, called Le Bistro. They have the best ratatouille served with all their entees. They actually scoop it up in a nice oval-shape mound next to other veggies served with their entrees. It was thick, stewed to perfection, vegetables were cooked crisp-tender, slightly sweet, rich in flavor...SO DELICIOUS! Remind me of the cartoon Ratatouilee where a customer was savoring the rat's dishes. Le Bistro do sell the ratatouille by the pound so I bought a pound for my lunches. I told my husband, I can do this myself easily. WRONG! I searched my cookbooks, the internet...NADA. MOst recipes are overcooked their vegetables and are too saucy, almost like thick pasta sauce. Three cookings of ratatouille later, I came up with something close and satisfying, but not quite le Bristro, but good enough. Then I came across your page. WOW, I thoguht to myself...am I reading my own blog...there is another person going through this just like myself? Your recipe sounds pretty close to Le Bistro, except they used regular onions instead of leeks and their ratatouille was a bit more tomato-based than your version. Finally I found a recipe close to what I craved from Le Bistro. I love ratatouille. It's so healthy and rich in flavor. I eat it cold as a salad, hot with brown rice, use as a topping over grilled fish fillets...so versatile to enjoy! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR RECIPE!

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