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August 25, 2005


Zarah Maria

Uh Julie, that sounds even better now! Fresh apricots are a rarity around here, but if I find any, I'll now exactly where I'm headed...:-)


Ohhhh...I hope the Red Jacket Farms folks weren't serious when they said that last weekend was indeed the last weekend for apricots. Then again, we do still have the apricots from California at the Astoria fruit markets; while they're not the Red Jackets, they're still mighty fine. :) But if we have indeed missed them, we'll just have to settle for Sherry Yard's blackberry-lime curd instead. I know, I know, but we'll just have to be brave little soldiers... ;)

Are you ready for Ratatouille Day? Woohoooo!


Zarah, it can be made with all dried apricots too.

Oh Missy Bakerina, I am sooooo ready...ratatouille, market salads, blackberry-lime curd, bumbleberry pie, nectarine crumble...

Joe @ Culinary in the Desert

Thanks for posting - this sounds like an interesting twist to a fruit curd!


Julie, thanks so much for posting this--and better late than never! Can't wait to try it, although it may have to wait until next summer, since most of the apricots--or, at least, the lush yummy ones--have disappeared from the markets here...sniffle, sniffle...


Oh yum! While I usually eat my homemade lemon curd straight from the jar (why waste calories and tummy space with a tart crust or layers of cake?) I've never heard of apricot curd. Must find some good apricots and try it! Thanks for sharing.

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