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September 05, 2005



Oh, that Ernie! She's so thoughtful! I remember you were telling me about the treats she brought back for you when we were at lunch last month. It's fun to see a picture of your goodies.

Lea xo


It is amazing! When I went back to Paris this Spring, I brought home a remarkably similar goodie bag for myself.

I am going to try to use the vanilla salt flavored with flowers in a smoky caramel.

I like the more savory salts in some of my egg dishes. I have smoked paprika (which I brought home from Spain) and I use it any time I want to give a vegetarian dish a more "smoked" flavor as well as on paellas.
I imagine you could use the paprika salt the same way.

I bought 2 tubes of the chocolate paste as well as the flavored sugars and they will probably meet the same fate as you are planning for yours.

I got the violet and raspberry Ferber jam. My teenagers know that to flitch any from the pot means no allowance for a week.



Julie, you are so right, you should have seen my luggage, I had to sit on the suitcase to close it and I had to buy another small suitcase to bring the goods back. Of course a lot of the chocolate items never made it back home. If anyone had opened my luggage, they would have thought I was opening a gourmet shop. I also had a few cans of pate, some Cantal cheese and Roquefort as well.

I'm glad you're enjoying the booty, the smoked paprika salt is excellent with potatoes.


Lea, it's generous folks like you too that makes having foodie friends such fun.

Creampuff, how interesting that you brought back almost the same goodies. Sounds like you're enjoying yours, which I'm certainly doing as well.

Ernie, you practically ARE a walking gourmet shop in and of yourself. You're certainly a compendium of fabulous gourmet experience. I'm going to use the smoked paprika tomorrow, when I make twice-baked potatoes (a request from G -- we need comfort food these days). Thanks again for the fabulous treats -- see you soon!

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