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September 18, 2005



Nectarines *and* beurre noisette? Julie, you're killing me here. In the best way possible, of course. :)

If you have any surplus nectarines -- I never seem to -- Sophie Grigson has a fabulous recipe for nectarines on toast, in which you take a slice of bread or two, toast them, butter them lightly, top them with sliced nectarines, top the nectarines with more butter and brown sugar, and then run them under the broiler. You have to be really careful and let it cool down enough to eat, so that you don't burn your palate. Somehow I've never quite got the hang of that...


Damn! Absolutely gorgeous photo that fed right into my eyeballs and appetite. OK, gotta add nectarines to the shopping list.

BTW, I made your Potted Chicken when my son was over visiting and he loved it!


This looks incredible. I HAVE to make this cake! The smell of butter browning is one of my favorite things in the world.


Just gorgeous, Julie. I *adore* brown butter, and mmm, there's nothing better than knowing I'll have an extra cake to stash in the freezer. It's time to start hoarding for winter, you know?


Wow, oh wow. Rustic yet elegant - this looks so beautiful, and sounds so delicious. Some things just cried out to be made NOW! (I especially love the directions instructing the maker to add salt to taste - all dessert recipes should include that!)


Absolutely mouth watering. Perfect turn out from the pan.


Jen -- I'm definitely going to try nectarines on toast. What a delicious breakfast, maybe with a side of ricotta cheese...

Rowena, let me know how the cake comes out when you make it in Italy...I'm saving one of the two that I made, since we're having a houseguest this week...and I'm so glad your son loved the chicken!

Becky and Molly, if you love brown butter, you do have to make this cake. Even the smell of the batter is intoxicating -- and when it comes out of the oven, the rich, nutty scent could knock you right out. Molly, you're right -- I need to make room in the freezer so I can start hoarding...

Melissa, you and I are on the same wavelength about the salt kick. To my mind, the lusciousness of the brown butter flavor is heightened by a good little dose of salt!

Gia, you made this already?? Wow. I'm so glad it came out well for you!


That looks amazing!


That looks lovely, Julie! Mmm, I think I need to go buy some nectarines this weekend and get baking!


Emily, thanks for stopping by. I have a houseguest right now, so we saved the second cake to share with her for tonight's dessert. It was even better after a couple of days, especially after it was reheated for a few minutes. From your blog I can tell you like to bake -- I don't think you'll be disappointed if you give this a try.

Tanvi, I wish I could tell everyone to go buy nectarines and bake this cake immediately. We have half a cake left after tonight's dessert, and I'm already thinking about a slice for breakfast tomorrow -- with a good cup of coffee...mmmmm. I think I'm going to have to bake these again this weekend, too.


Julie, I made this cake this morning and it was absolutely LUSCIOUS. I didn't make the glaze bc I am out of powdered sugar. But it didn't need it. I did, however, add some extra browned butter on top. Thanks for a recipe that I'll definitely make again!


Wow - I'm going to the farmer's market NOW for nectarines to make this - thank goodness there are still some left! Seriously, it looks yummy beyond belief. Thanks for posting the recipe!


Becky, I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Both our cakes are gone, so I'm planning to bake it AGAIN this weekend.

Luisa, all I can say is you won't be sorry!


Julie, Julie... I told you I wouldn't be able to resist, and having a bag of slightly less-than-stellar nectarines wasting away on my counter I thought I'd give your cake a try. Here's what I did: I had quite a bit of leftover (salted) caramel from my macaron orgy, so I coated the bottom of a tatin pan with about a cup of it and laid the nectarine slices on top. I then covered them with a half recipe of this cake batter and baked it. While still hot I unmolded it onto a plate and drizzled the top with the remaining caramel, which melted and soaked through the nectarines and into the cake, making the whole thing even more moist and luscious. It was unbelievable - like I had gon to beurre-noisette-caramel-nectarine-tatin heaven. Thank you.


You've been 'tagged' for the 23/5 meme. Participate at your pleasure! Alanna


First off... I tried your recipe and WOW, you've turned me on to yet another 'good thing' {forgive me if I sound Martha-ish}. I didn't even need to put the glaze on... it was so good all by itself.

RYC: It's a pity that chestnut desserts aren't so popular in the states. I know of that MontBlanc dessert that you mentioned---the ones they make here look like a mass of brown noodles (inside) or whatever your imagination might make of it. Not very appetizing to look at. Anyhoo, I would like to give chestnuts a try since we're just loaded with them now!


thank you! i needed a nectarine recipe to deal with some neighbor issues i'm having. i can smell them baking now... and i thought i invented that nectarines on toast thing a couple of months ago! i should've known!

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