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October 02, 2005


Joe Bellacero

23/5 tag--I love it! It's so weird and incongruous. Maybe we should start our own. Let's see--the first word that you find in your first blog that has three or more of the same letter in it should be the first and last word of your 111th blog? Nah, too complicated. How about--finding a palindrome and using the letters to describe a meal that could be eaten forwards or backwards (I have reference to the order in which you eat, not the direction you are facing, nor the orifice you, uh, nevermind)? Nah, only works for food blogs. Tell you what, just keep writing, Julie, we love it. (By the way, hope your cold is fading.)


But Joe, honestly -- don't you think we should introduce some memes into the education-blogging community? Maybe it could liven things up! But it would have to be something light-hearted -- none of this "15 Ways That 'No Child Left Behind' Legislation Has Ruined Education in Your District" kinda stuff...

Margaret Fiore

I have PD planning on my mind, so forgive me for this, but hey...this is a great revising game for the classroom! In our writing grps next week, we were going to look through chunks we have so far, pick one that we want to spend more time with, etc....So how about one option for the next step--take the fifth sentence (or first sense impression reference, or first phrase that starts with "from" etc.) and write a new chunk...THEN choose which one to spend your time with...?? Julie or Joe, have you used this in the classroom?? How would the "tag" part work?


Margaret, I've often used exercises similar to this as part of a journal or notebook "walk" with students...


You can tag me. But I don't have 23 posts yet...

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