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November 27, 2005


Joe C

Mmmm,mmm, mmm. Let's just be very clear that the triple-chocolate mint chips remain in the picture. Please.


These look so good, Julie, I'm filing the recipe right now! And what's that about triple-chocolate mint chips? Do you take international orders? ;)


Julie,this really sounds like a perfect recipe, I'm going to try this one!
By the way, I also made some linzer sort of cookies for this event..
I just discovered your blog recently and just love it!



You've been busy.. The cookies looks so wonderful. I'll be sure to try your recipe soon.

Lea xo


Brother dear -- do you really have any doubt that I would leave out your personal favorite, the cookie I created just for you several years ago? You know that wouldn't happen. Unless you got me mad enough.

Aw Melissa...I think you should come to NY for an in-person cookie swap...

Zsofi, thanks for visiting my blog -- your cookies sound exquisite. I love anything filled with fruit curd -- lemon, orange, or my favorite apricot...

Lea dear, from one biscotti lover to another -- what kinds are you going to make this year?


I just had to break a big smile when I read this: "I'm one of those crazed bakers who becomes even more wild-eyed around holiday time."---Sounds like me although I can add 'dark circles under my eyes' to that statement. It happens all the time... getting on the cookie wagon at the last minute and staying up all night to get things done.

Sounds like you've got another winner on your hands!


Mmmm. Linzer biscotti! A must try!


OH wow, those look amazing!!! I enjoyed reading your post very much :)

VK Narayanan

My son 4-yr-old taste-taster Adarsh liked this very much and want this to be cooked at our My Dhaba. :-) Excellent cookies Julie.

My Dhaba's rock cookies are yet to be released from Il Forno. Hope you like those.


Hi Julie!

This year I'm making Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti. This is a beautiful dark chocolate looking cooking that's dusted with powered sugar after they've cooled. I'm, also, making Cinnamon-Mocha Biscotti. This recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips, cinnamon chips, and pecans. They're both to live for!

If the recipes sound interesting to you, please let me know. I'll email them to you right away.

Lea xoxo


Rowena, I wish we could bake a batch of cookies together -- all wild-eyed as we are...

Chronicler, I think you'd love these.

Nupur, I'm a big fan of yours as well. I'm going to blogroll you any minute now...and I'm going to try those pistachio cookies too!

VK, thanks for stopping by. Your rock cookies look delicious.

Lea, both of those biscotti recipes sound sumptuous. Yes, yes, I want the recipes...


Can't talk. Eating linzer biscotti. (Mmmmphrgnnnnn.)


Hi Julie!

Your Linzer cookies sound really great. I started making them this morning, but along the way, discovered I was out of raspberry jam. I used Morello Cherry preserves, upped the cocoa, took out the spices and ended up with something different but still very good. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to put a photo on my blog soon.


Recipe sound delicious.Thanks

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hi! I like pie! :) :) :) :) :).

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