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November 03, 2005



Good luck with your presentation Julie! I've been to Blue Benn too - just for breakfast, though. I loved it (and Bennington). I thought it was funny, but somehow fitting for Bennington, that there was a sign for Gazpacho in a diner. Little did I know they also had chicken-andouille soup!


Im glad to hear the fall leaves were pretty...reports have said it was going to be a dismal season. Thanks for the delicious report!


Im headed to New Hampshire later this month, and though I wont have time to visit Vermont, I will stop into Food Co-Op in Hanover. Thanks for the tip! And good luck with the class in LA!


Are you going to the NCTE conference, by any chance? I'll be there too and have tenative plans Saturday night with a NYC teacher. Let's touch base, if that's the case! Have fun in LA.


Stage fright? Pshaw, m'dear! You're a commanding woman; have fun, go get 'em, and hurry back to us.

Joe C

Stage fright? Don't tell anybody but I often feel like throwing up right before I give a talk. Then afterwards, my appetite is enormous...Where's my cyder?


Cathy, the "Benn" is awesome, isn't it? If only that was my local...

Rachael -- it was gorgeous all the way up through the southern part of the state -- and then suddenly the colors dimmed greatly. Reports said the foliage in general was the least colorful it's been in five years -- but as city dwellers, we certainly enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

Tanvi, if you're going to be in Hanover, NH, the King Arthur Baker's Store in Norwich VT is less than five minutes away. If you've got a car, or you can get someone to take you, it's definitely a sight to be seen, and won't take long.

Nani, I am going to the National Writing Project Annual Meeting, which is always held at NCTE. I'm sure we'll meet up there.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Miss Molly. And you're so right -- I did have fun, and apparently so did everyone else. The response was so positive that my organization is flying me out to San Diego in April to give the same presentation at another conference...

Ah bro, the two apples don't fall far from their parent's tree, do they...and speaking of apples, your cyder is certainly here, and should be in your eager hands by Sunday.

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