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December 03, 2005



I cant't wait to read about your adventures cooking Hungarian!Kriszti has put up a great package for you, this is really the stuff I also usually bring from Budapest to Brussels.
Have fun and enjoy that salami (oh, if I just could have one thin slice of it right at this moment..)
Zsofi, a Hungarian foodblogger from Brussels

Joe Bellacero

As a person who manages to quietly sneak paprika into any number of recipes which somehow overlooked this wonderful spice, I look forward to hearing about your innovations. Enjoy.



Hi Julie,
Phew! finally you received the package :)
really glad that you like paprika..i was afraid you wouldn't like it ;hence i sent smaller packaging ;)

Looking forward to seeing your 'experiment' here !


Hi Julie -- paprika is a very very good thing. I've just tagged you for the You Are What You Eat meme...have fun!

Ashley Bowers

Should be alot of fun to read about it! I love cooking with Paprika !!

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