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January 10, 2006


Joe C

Found some moldy Trader Joe's marinara sauce in the fridge last night. Served me right for not making my own. Seriously, I have a habit of buying sacks of whole-wheat flour, boxes of kasha, and other grain-based foods that go off while sitting in the pantry from year to year. This results from unrealistic optimism about how much time I will have to use them...E does the same thing with various tofu products that inhabit considerable space in our fridge, including several blocks of tempeh that I am now keeping for solely historical purposes...


I have been guilty of overshopping and overstocking but I've managed to curb my urges because I really resist throwing food away. For the same reason I must cleam every plate of food put before me, the starving children in some third world country, I can't bear the thought of food going to waste. Hoever, recently I made myself part with dried fruit that had been in the refrigerator, I would guess, at least five years. The jar of olives that I brought more recently to have on hand, just in case, I threw out because of the white gauzy threads in the bottle. I envy the gourmet cooks who always seem to have the right ingredients on hand. Mine are always petrified.

Zarah Maria

Oh you know it, yes you do! I'm actually pretty good at not doing the overstocking thing at the moment, I've started weeding out already so I won't have to throw out that much when we pack up for our trip. That said, I know there's a potato and broccoli soup in the fridge just now that really shouldn't be there.. Some caviar - the real kind, even - saved for a special occasion or something? Why does one do that? Caviar IS an occasion in itself, isn't it?? Ah wel - at least we are aware of what we're doing - that's one step in the right direction, isn't it?:-)


I've got the same problem with tuna, believe me. I could make tuna sandwiches until Thanksgiving at this point. I also keep buying baking supplies. How many unopened bags of specialty flours do I need? Quite a lot apparently.


When I moved into my new apartment, I found not one, but two, unopened and expired containters of ricotta cheese belonging to one of my roommates. I also frequently buy herbs with the intention of using them all week, a la Rachael Ray, only to find the herbs have disintegrated into a soppy, watery mess a week later. You're not alone.


Phew! Many thanks to my bro, Felicia, Zarah, BNA, and Nani for rescuing me from my sad conviction that I'm the world's only food hoarder. I may still be the world's WORST food hoarder, but at least I'm not alone...


I have a quart mason jar full of red dates that I bought in Chinatown on New Year's Day 2000. Eileen Yin-Fei Lo says that they are best used after six months, and yet, there they still sit. I know I should throw them away, and yet I just can't bear to do so.


No, you're not alone, by any means. My two worst habits are using only a cup or two of chicken stock and forgetting about the rest, or letting the salad greens and celery turn to mush. I hope to get a composter for the garden this year, so at least the greens won't go to waste!


Oh yes. I especially hate it when I buy some lovely fresh produce and then leave it to wilt.


I'm convinced that I keep the packaged herb industry in business. Every week I buy fresh mint, fresh chives and fresh sage, and every week, I seem to throw out a dried or wilted package of herbs. I read a recipe once for sage leaves quickly fried in butter -- so I need them on hand in case I ever get around to doing that. I have mojitos when I'm out, and love the mint. So I need that on hand in case I ever need to make one at home. Ditto the limes, which I replace when I end up with green golf balls. Plus, a fresh sprig of mint is so festive in one's tea. Assuming I ever made it on my own, at home. Which I don't. I have every bottled sauce, curry, chutney, olive oil, flavored vinegar, caramelized onions, capers, and anchovy I can find. Why? I don't know. In case extra company drops by without notice, on Bridge Night. Which I've never played. I call th is my "condimentia." I did have one shining moment of glory a year ago, when we couldn't get into a late night bistro for New Year's Eve. Everyone came home and I opened up bottles and cans and jars of every condiment under the sun, for quite the little feast. First and last time it ever happened... yet the herb hoarding and sauce collecting continues unabated. I, too, need to throw less fresh food away. It's shameful, really, how many times I've thrown out smelly stalks of asparagus. I love this stuff, but really, I'm so weary at the end of the day, the freezer food beckons, and the fresh food rots. Pitiful.


Kristina, thanks for dropping by. I know just how it feels. I love having fresh herbs around, and I've certainly thrown out my share of aging cilantro, mint, etc. My dream is that one day, in the city or out, we'll have enough of a patch of garden or terrace to grow a few potted herbs, so that I no longer pay exorbitant prices for what turns to green sludge in a matter of days...

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