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January 27, 2006



Oh yeah, this sounds perfect! I dont like rich desserts (totally the opposite of you here, methinks) but I love a chewy-nutty combination. Gonna try this for sure!


What a pick! May I stop by for coffee and a slice? Nice work!!


What a sweet post.

Sorry...pun intended.


Gorgeous! I like fruitcake, and I have to say even the recipe makes me think of fruitcake, with just enough batter to hold it all together. It sounds delicious.


I love the combination of dried fruit and nuts, but find most fruitcakes much too sweet and sticky. This, on the other hand, sounds wonderful.



First of all, great post! You're a wonderful writer and I love the story of this dessert.

Secondly I'm with you 100% on the fruitcake issue. I don't eat it.

But this dessert sounds lovely. And it's something I would definitely try. Thanks for sharing!


Hi, Julie ... I'm so glad you stopped by my blog the other day because now I've discovered yours, and it's lovely! You're a very talented writer.

I confess to being a fruitcake fan, but even if I weren't, I'm sure I would love this sweet treat. It sounds so simple to make and, dare I add, so healthy, too. Yay!



This fruit-nut loaf deserves its very own post. It is truly spectacular. I've enjoyed it on two occasions now. Thank you so much.

Have I ever told you that I have my very own Julicona folder of recipes? It's ture, I do. I love your recipes.

Lea xo


naturally, food blogger that I am, I don't eat fruit cake either, but this one has none of those squidgy currants and raisins I detest so much, so I might just give it a try someday.

I wouldn't believe your story, if I didn't believe you. Thanks for adding such a tried and tested recipe to the event - far more reliable than my flakey experiments!

Jessica "Su Good Eats"

This looks very similar to Alice Medrich's California date and walnut loaf (hers uses white sugar instead). I agree: it's delicious! I even recommended it to Melissa from Traveller's Lunchbox because she hates fruitcake.


This IS wonderful - I made it yesterday (with a couple of changes - the main one being using pecans instead of walnuts which are too bitter for me) and it's SOOOOO more-ish! I totally adore the dry-fruit-and-nut combination! Thanks for a fantastic recipe (and thanks to Ronnie third-hand!)


Made it on Saturday, and threw caution to the winds by following your advice re: no spices.

Good heavens but I'm going to have to make this again. Half the loaf is sitting, sliced nicely, in the breakroom at my office. Well, I -say- half the loaf, but really I think there's about 4 half-slices left. The rest disappeared within half an hour of bringing it. Awesome recipe; thank you much for passing it along.


Speaking of baking with refined sugar...does anyone have experience baking with Splenda? I'm kinda curious if it's a good or bad idea.

Or just plain expensive.



Shammi and Parsolamew, I'm so glad you tried this and liked it. It's a great way to find a cake-like sweet that is actually reasonably healthy.

Alanna, Cathy, Kimberley, Ivonne, Tania -- thanks so much for the kind words. I enjoyed writing this post immensely, and it's always gratifying to get such sweet feedback...

Darling Lea, thanks for the endorsement! I'd forgotten that you've actually eaten this one!

Sam, trust me. *It's not fruitcake*.

Jessica, I've never seen Alice Medrich's recipe. Does hers have apricots also?

Mandy, I can't really speak to the Splenda issue. Quite honestly, I'd rather run the risk of using white sugar than sugar substitutes, which I eschew completely. I won't even drink a diet beverage any more...

Jessica "Su Good Eats"

Hi Julie,
Yes, Alice's recipe has apricots, dates and walnuts, although you can change it around.


I, too, hate fruitcakes but I'll take your word and try this one. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :))))


I'm not a fan of fruit cake either,but I'll have to give this a try.


Splenda is the anti-Viagra of baking. It makes baked goods deflate: they turn out small and the texture is dense.


Thanks Jessica, for the info about Alice Medrich's recipe -- good to know.

Celia, Emily -- My hunch is that you won't be sorry if you try this -- but I'd still like to hear about your results. I will say that while I think this loaf is great for non-fruitcake lovers like myself, you'd still need to be fond of dates, apricots and walnuts for it to be a hit.

Pumpkinpie -- thanks for sharing the info about Splenda. And thanks for stopping by!

pumpkinpie again

Thanks so much for your recipe! I LOVE it, and I adore chocolate and caramel to the point where I won't make room for fruitcake. So this can't be fruitcake. I used Japanese dates, which I suspect are drier than Medjool, so I soaked the fruits in vanilla tea to prevent burning (and to make it taste like vanilla tea). I also omitted the orange. Mmmm!


i love fruitcakes but i dont really like nuts. is it possible i could substitute with something else?
i don't mind almond flour though...
thanks..i love your writing. It's like you are telling me a story face to face.

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