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February 10, 2006



Don't worry - I always seem to be scrabling for a recipe at the last minute. Those look really good. Is it too early in the am to crave Chocolate?


What a perfect recipe for a Friday. They look delicious ... and just in time for Valentine's Day!


What a tempting cookie to find in my morning inbox. These look divine!

Thanks for taking part in this month's Sugar High Friday.


Oh, yeah. I love these cookies almost more than life itself. Alas, we have eaten all the Wilbur Buds, so I'll just have to hack up the 10# Wilbur semisweet bar into Bud-sized pieces. :)

Thank you for posting this, Julie. Have I told you lately that you rock? (That's spelled "rawk," incidentally.)


I've never tried baking with almond butter; I usually just slather it on toast. What a yummy idea!


Julie, these cookies are so adorable, I'm sure they taste as lovely as they look...


They look gorgeous. Never baked with almond butter before. Should do some investigating.


Julie, these sound fabulous! I have my own almond butter cookie recipe, which will only be bettered with the addition of chocolate, as most things are :-)

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