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March 26, 2006



Julie - the meal sounds absolutely delicious, but best of all the evening sounds like it was lots of fun.


Julie, how lovely.

Your warm explanation of the dinner you made clearly emphasizes how you feel for your friend.

There's nothing better than good food shared with people you care about.

Great post!


The Cuisine of the Sun is an old favorite of mine too. My copy is much tattered and stained, and still in frequent use. I've never made that particular dish, though. Think I should give it a try.



Thanks for sharing your cozy evening with us. The food sounds amazing.


Lovely post, Julie! How wonderful of you to invite us all in to share your dinner party! I just wish that I, too, had a baggie of madeleines for "laters."


Hi Cathy -- it's my great hope that when you and Zarah and Martin are in NYC, we can have at least one lovely dinner together too!

Hi Ivonne -- food and friends are really an unbeatable combination, aren't they?

Lindy, give the Gardiane a whirl. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. The orange zest-olive combination is unusual, but it really works, I think. What other dishes from this book do you like?

Mandy, sometimes I wish I could share these evenings in a more-than-virtual way...if only all the readers could come for dinner!

Tania, you too! I'd love to have you all to dinner, with bags of madeleines to take home. Josh told me he ate madeleines for breakfast the next day! At the very least, I can always post the madeleine recipe so you can make your own...


this is why i love food. food is the connection. i guess anyone who loves food knows it is the connection to each other and the earth. to ourselves, our memories. smells, textures, the way food is trademarked in some way by the person who crafted it. youth and friendship immortalised by food is one of the most beautiful things ever.


The best! How I wish I could write like that! Good friends, good times, good food; the makings of the good life. Beautiful evening, beautiful post! Thanks.


I made the Gardiane-with lamb. It was excellent. Thanks for pointing it out.


Lindy, I'm so glad you enjoyed the Gardiane. I think it's a great and unusual take on lamb stew, with a much more complex and delicious sauce.

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