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May 22, 2006



Yes, well, it has seemed like a really long time we haven't heard from you but I think you've made up for it a bit. Now, I've got to get my hands on some of that King Arthur cereal! The it's between the Sour Cherry Streusel Cake and the risotto. Really fun writing, I felt like I was on a speeding bullet! Your bread picture makes me long to bake again. Great post.


Hi, Julie, you've been mighty busy! Hope the Admin classes are over soon; real soon! I like the idea of adding strong coffee to the dense chocolate loaf. I'll be sure to try that next time. I'm always delighted to read about your cooking and baking activities.

Btw, SIL and I went to a Judy Collins concert over the weekend. OMG! You would have loved it! Her beautiful voice took me straight back to the 60s.

Lea xoxo


Hi Julie!
I love King Arthur. I often make their challah bread recipe - it is better than anything I've tasted in bakeries which always seem to be quite dry and disappointing.
I am a big fan of risotto as well and my challenge each time I make it is to make it a smidgeon healthier without sacrificing taste... A fine line I draw! LOL
You seem to be cooking and baking up a storm; good for you!


p.s. hello Miss Lea. fancy seeing you here ;)


That post really made my mouth water. I'm sold on the boy scout bars. Also, I look forward to the blondies post. You can't go wrong with the bar recipes.

I'm planning to try the King Arthur brand offerings as well.


Maybe your oven needs a calibration! My mom used to get the oven re-calibrated every now and then, in our old house with old appliances.

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