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May 01, 2006



I have learnt something new. Had not heard of fish tacos yet. Great post.


My transplanted friends from San Diego talk of these. I already was wanting some before I read this. Now I am lost.

I dearly love C. Trillan, who I believe also discussed this specialty. Mmmm. yum.


Ohhhh, dearest. I have a source of fish tacos in midtown for you. They're not authentic San Diego tacos, but they are still luscious -- and honestly, when I tell you where the tacqueria is located, you will be surprised.

Such a beautiful post this is. I just might have to hide in your luggage on your next trip. :)



Sounds like you are a very busy lady with your travels. I hope your father is feeling better lately.

Have you had the chance to find the amethyst floralia lately? I've been meaning to go back to Sonoma for more.

Be sure to let me know next time you're in town!


Valentina, thanks for stopping by -- give those tacos a try if you get a chance!

Hey Lindy, I'm a great Calvin Trillin devotee as well. Your San Diego friends are right. These are habit-forming...

...which is why it's so great that you, dear Bakerina, have offered a local source for this delicacy! When are we going?

Hi Mandy -- great to hear from you! Our troubles seem to be easing up at this point, and all is more or less well. I've sourced the Amethyst wine in a couple of places, all far from NYC. Close to you, however -- apparently Pearson's Wines, on Wisconsin Ave., carries it. So I have a case on hold, and am hoping to get down to DC soon, even if only to pick it up! If I come down, I'll definitely let you know. And same here -- if you come up this way, drop me a line.

Joe Bellacero

Hey, Julie, having been on a jaunt or two with you, I know two things, first, your presentations are always impeccable and second, your food/presentation priorities are always straight.



I heart fish tacos and my favorite NY fish tacos, I get from the Green Cactus off of Austin Street in Forest Hills.


i came across this post and must give my 2 cents being a native san diegan....everyone has their preferences for fish tacos, but i say one of the best i've ever had were at The Brigantine in Del Mar, on hwy 101 and via de la valle. delicious. the secret is in the white sauce, part sour cream, part lime juice, part hot sauce. delicious again.

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