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May 28, 2006



Color me green... both with envy, and with some splatters of the asparagus soup I pureed with my immersion blender (a twin of yours) today. I'm sure you'll love the blender; it simplifies so many things.


What fun! Great "discussion" about the immersion blender thingie! Why, yes I'd love to go stand in line. I've really had great results with the immersion blender.


What a grand recounting of our day. I wish we could do it all over again. Alas, on the next "yard sale" weekend, I'll be headed down to Phila. on a day trip. But I'm still smiling over what a fine day that was -- and now I'm wishing I had some ricotta left for breakfast.

I just realized that now that you have one of those Sharper Image dildo-like thingies with bladelike teeth, you can now make Pierre Herme's lemon cream, a/k/a "the best use for 3/4# of butter in the world." :)


I am in the mood to wait in line with you for sure. Sadly, I am not in a postion to do so, being positioned, as I am, in Western PA. Sounds like a great day to me-lunch and all.
I tell you this- the immersion blender was a splendid choice- you are going to love it. I have mine right by the stove, and use it all the time. That way, I don't get mixed up, and it doesn't wind up in the bathtub.


Kimberly, I can't wait to try out the new thingie, especially for soup, one of our major food groups. And is there any soup quite as wonderful as asparagus soup?

Tanna, I'm glad you enjoyed a glimpse into the kind of "conversation" that takes place around our house. I have to confess that we have a pretty good time.

Bakerina m'dear, I too will miss the next Yard Sale, since we will be trying to haul my aged paterfamilias upstate to Carmel, NY, wherever that may be for some kind of family wingding. If you crack the secret of that ricotta, let me know. Yum. And the lemon cream is a recipe I'd dearly love to have...since obviously it's not only the best use for 3/4 lb of butter, but the best use for a brand new dildo-thingie as well.

Ahhh, Lindy. I too wish you were here to join some evil kitchen-related escapades, and to advise me more on how to keep the dildo-thingie out of the bathtub, immersion be damned.


I wanted to hit that sale but I was out of town. Boo hoo! Enjoy your goodies.


Ack, sob, heave: I am Doubly, no, TRIPLY jealous to hear of your haul .... I slink away to my blenderless cave to chew on my hair and hope for next year.


I love how simple those immersion blenders are to clean. It sure beats taking apart that darned blender and cleaning every little soupy crevice.


The immersion blenders are so handy and they are great for holidays. I always bring one with me to my mothers house at thanksgiving and christmas just in case and we have needed to use it every time!


Great story...I almost felt like I was shopping with you that day! And those immersion blenders are amazingly easy to use and definitely a lot easier to clean. If you could post a recipe for asparagus soup, I'd appreciate it!


We used to have one of those immersion blenders and it was the best for doing malts, but all too soon it died. It gave up the ghost and went to blender heaven, where all good blenders go.
We have returned back the the real blender with real power. Put the ice cream in, chop up ice for smoothies and grind up just about anything. The only trade offs are it takes more counter space and is a bit more to clean up.

Cheers to all,


Darren Blair

Nice one! Thanks for the information.

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