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June 25, 2006



Well, look who showed up in the "recent updates" list right next to me! I love it when that happens. :)

I understand your reason for not wanting to post the crust recipe, but you know how we baking nerds are -- I would love to see that recipe. ;) My guess is that your guess is bang-on, that there probably is not enough butter to keep it all short. My all-time favorite crust recipe calls for a stick of butter to 1 3/4 cups flour, plus a little sugar and egg yolk, which act as tenderizing agents (the yolk also functions as an emulsifier), and, of course, ice water and a little salt.

If it's any consolation, the pie looks beautiful, and I'll bet that filling tastes like a million bucks. I literally whooped when you mentioned that the sour cherries were in early this year. You and I will turn those into pie as soon as is humanly possible. :)


What a pie! Sorry re crust, keep trying, I got off track for a couple of years but am finally getting my pastry groove back. Today's NYT has an Annie Dimock crust recipe that will be my next try ... prob this week!



You should have your fingers in pie crust and pie fillings every single day! This is gorgeous. I can almost taste all the berries and I can't think of anything better on a summer's day.



Now this is a fit filling for the Officer Bumbleberry ticket. I've got all those berries and the rhubarb in my fridge ...
What ever the crust was, the filling looks divine. Keep up the great work.

From Our Kitchen

I too have pie crust anxiety. They're so hard to get perfect, I'm still working on getting there. My favorite recipe so far is from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. It turned out flakey and buttery, I just had a little difficulty rolling it out and transferring it to the pie pan in one piece.


I just had the opposite problem, making a gorgeous 10-inch strawberry rhubarb pie for my son, Leland and his friend's visit; the crust was superb but I underbaked the whole thing just slightly and the rhubarb had a little crunch on some of the pieces. See http://technically.us/eat/articles/2006/07/01/strawberry-rhubarb-homecoming
You really want the rhubarb to melt in your mouth; it was disappointing after all that work, although the boys said the pie was terrific I knew better!


shoot... after reading your previous pie-crust-anxiety, which I also share, I thought for sure this would be the crust recipe to get me to make a pie. My niche is muffins and quick-breads, plus any "supper cooking" - we lived in the sub-arctic and arctic for 14 years so I had many many years to practice my cookng skills... I've just never baked a pie! Hubby has made the occasional one with pre-made pie shells but we just love his tarts so he hasn't made a pie since. I make a mean butter tart but the shells are a super-short recipe that literally fall apart thus my tarts are of the one-bite size.. am rambling again.. as you noted, the fruit ripening is way ahead of schedule this summer, even here "up north" (compared to where you live though this is "down south" to us LOL.. our cherries are almost a whole month ahead of schedule. I have 1 batch dried and hope hubby will pick me another 1.5 pails for the dehydrater before the week is out. He's picked about 10 pails today... each of our trees were "supposed" to yield one 4-litre/gallon pail each but this year are producing two to two and a half pails each... we're awash in our crimson jewels...
will watch this space for a good crust recipe... maybe I'll get brave and start experimenting... but probably not!

Willi Krol

perhaps I'm a "purist" when it comes to pie crust, but "real lard" not shortening or butter or margerine or oil, is the only way to make pie crust that is flakey , tender and melts in your mouth. In Canada we have Tenderflake Lard and the recipe is on the box. My mother, who passed away 6 years ago at the age of 98yrs., used nothing else but lard for pie crusts and they were to die for.

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mmmm this pie looks terrific!!!!
i will prepare it when I get home!

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Mmm, I'll try it soon...well, I hope haha!

Aloja Vera

I just made this tonight and it was delicious! Thanks for this recipe. You can't beat how easy it is, plus it tastes great.
Thanks again!

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Mike Geary

Wow! That looks extremely tasty! Thanks for sharing the recipe! =)

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It was great to find this blog,that pie looks delicious, thanks for sharing the recipe. I've never cooked a any kind of pie but I'll trie to cook this one!

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