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July 23, 2006



Lovely stories, well told.
I was meant to meet molly last year but her car broke down. And Bakerina is a doll as we both know. I too, love having desserts with Shuna. That's how I came to try every desset at Chez Panisse! Did I already ask you if you will be around on the 27th August? We are having our annual food bloggers picnic, so let me know if you need an invite.

shuna fish lydon

Well I like eating desserts with you all!

Thank you for the good words. I love getting together with "my" food bloggers maybe too much, but it is indeed a great community we have. Maybe we should start working on The International Food Bloggers Conference?

Here Here for spontaneity and talking to strangers!


Awwww, you're too sweet, dear Julie! I'm so glad that your plans included a day in Seattle - my only regret is that I didn't play hooky to wander and eat porchetta and browse in the bookstore with you! It could not have been lovelier to see you again. You'd better get back here soon, because Brandon and I have a few other favorite flavors and places to show you... xo


Good gracious. Look at what happens when I disappear for a week, resurfacing only to bitch about our local utility company...a brilliant and thought-provoking post about access and distribution, *and* a love note to boot, all expressed in your own inimitable and beauteous fashion! Thank you, dearheart, for all of it. And right back atcha, of course. :)

I *love* Shuna's idea of the International Food Bloggers Conference. We would have so much fun that it would make the IACP annual meeting look like a G8 summit. ;)



What fantastic tales! I loved hearing about your meetings with so many of the bloggers whose blogs enjoy (including yours).

If I'm ever in NYC I hope I can give you a call!


Oh Sam -- we'll be a week gone by that time, sadly, since I have to be back at work on the 28th. There may be other plans afoot however, so hopefully we'll do some kind of something...

Yeah Shuna -- I think we're all with you on the International Food Bloggers Conference, to be held in a different foodworthy locale each year...and as for talking to strangers, well, personally, *I have always depended upon their kindness* ;)

Molly -- a great inducement to come back to Seattle ASAP! If not soonest, then at least soon!

Aw Bakerina m'love -- could any love note ever really express your value quite enough? And by the way, my offer of digs is still open -- we'll start the food bloggers'conference in a small way, at my house...

Oh Ivonne -- if you're ever in NYC, I'd be extremely sad indeed if you DIDN'T give me a call! It would be such a pleasure to meet you -- and I do hope it happens. Is it in the cards any time soon?


I had the idea of an internation food bloggers conference about a year ago and I believe I shared my idea with Shuna.


D'oh! That was my bad, Sam. Sorry about that. I hope that doesn't mean that my International Food Bloggers Conference pass will be confiscated at the door! I'll bake us all some nice lime squares if you let me in! Heck, how about individual Sussex Pond puddings for everyone? Just puh-leeze let me in!

Okay, I'll stop now. I'm just all giddy because the electricity is back on in my flat. :)


IFBC is a wonderful idea, Sam. Maybe we should all have to present culinary wonders to get in the door...and after we eat them all, we won't be able to get out the door, of course...


Julie, I will have to confess that I actually LOVE being behind. I'd rather be exploring someplace new or generally just lazing about on the terrace instead of cooking something, having to photograph it, then put all together in a coherent post. Gosh it takes so much work! ;-)

Just kidding of course, somebody pour me a Campari and soda.


From what I have seen, food bloggers are a most remarkable group!
I hope to meet a few in the future.
Terrific post Julie.


Wouldn't it be a wonder? But in the meantime, if anyone is coming along Pittsburgh way, holler. BTW,you haven't been here in a while Bakerina, have you?


Rowena, I'd love to be behind for leisurely reasons -- maybe that will happen later in the summer, LOL!

Tanna, you should meet some bloggers. Come to NY!

And Lindy, I just kick myself for the fact that I wasn't really in touch with you when my big annual conference was in Pittsburgh last November, and I was there for 4 days. It would have been a lot more fun wandering the strip with you in my few free moments...


What fun!! I have to second the praises heaped on the company of Molly & Brandon, Jen and Shuna. Lovely people, all! You too, Julie, of course ;) xx

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