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July 14, 2006



I'm very happy that you did post about the strawberry shortcake. It's just lovely!


I am feeling really sorry that I did not get around to Strawberry short cake this year. This sounds entirely heavenly. Poor little Debbie's days are numbered.


Hello I have just found your blog through cream puff's in venice. Looks like there is a lot for me to read !! By the way I like to add a little rose water to my strawberries. Clarice


Thanks for talking about strawberry shortcake. It's my husbands favorite dessert and is always served on July 4th at our family's holiday celebration.
I use my mom's recipe, but the most important ingredient is very juicy strawberries[ not the wooden ones that are in the supermarket] You need lots of flavorful juice for good shortcake. The other thing my mom did was to always serve the biscuit part quite warm. She would split them and put a thin layer of butter on them before adding the berries { I know that the butter is overkill especially with the whipped cream, but it was devine] The strawberries were always quite cold.
July 4th or summer for that matter wouldn't be the same without it.


Julie, you are a lifesaver - I've promised to bring dessert to a party tomorrow and desperately wanted to do something with fresh fruit, and this is perfect! Truth be told, I haven't made strawberry or other shortcake in years, though I have no idea why. Perhaps I'm too easily seduced by more exotic-sounding treats? I'll let you know how it goes.


this looks simply wonderful. You cannot beat strawberries!


These were incredible, Julie. I used peaches, raspberries and strawberries with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Like summer on a plate!


Ivonne, I loved your strawberry shortcake post too. Your favorite one reminds me of Ina Garten's Strawberry Country Cake, which I've made a number of times to rave reviews!

Lindy, maybe you can find some local farmers who've planted day-neutral or Tri-stars -- they bear on and off all summer long. If not, blackberry shortcake is pretty lovely (or any other kind, for that matter).

Hi Clarice -- thanks for stopping by! The rosewater really does the trick, doesn't it?

Judy, I've heard of that butter trick -- but honestly, the shortcakes were so rich (butter AND cream in the dough) and my organic whipped heavy cream was so thick, I couldn't quite bring myself to add anything more...thanks for dropping in!

Jenjen, I'm glad you like the looks of this -- it really is quite wonderful.

Melissa, I'm so pleased this worked out well for you. I love combinations of summer fruit, cake and cream -- it really makes me feel the luxury of the season.

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