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August 16, 2006



I can't believe we have you in the bay for a few more days. Can't we keep you here somehow? Who am I going to have breakfast with this saturday???


It was wonderful to meet you, and you were a great excuse for a blogger meet-up:) Sounds like you've been having a fab time in the Bay Area, I look forward to reading your chronicles!

Derrick Schneider


So nice to meet you at last! When do you come back?

Zarah Maria

Well, I'm not envious at all! Good to hear you're having a great time, but honestly, how could you not?:-) Can't wait to hear more about your adventures...


sounds heavenly!

Catherine Ross

Hi Julie,

It was lovely to meet you! I hope you've been eating well here!


Sam, trust me, I'm sorely tempted to go back to the market on Saturday. How many pounds of gorgeous organic peaches and plums can I fit into our carry-ons, I wonder? We leave that day, but after all, our flight isn't till evening...so who knows, you may run into me at breakfast time at the Primavera stand ;)...then again, the night market is tonight, so I understand.

Anita, I loved meeting you as well, although I didn't have as much of a chance to visit with each person as I would have liked. As for my Bay Area food chronicles, we've packed a book's worth of eating into just two weeks, I think...tonight, Zuni Cafe...

Derrick, it was great to meet you -- again, you're someone I'd like to visit with a bit more. Perhaps you and Melissa will come back to NY sometime soon. As for us, we'll be back as soon as we can -- we love it here, and are seriously considering relocation as the possible 5-year plan.

Well, Zarah my dear -- you're one who knows what it's like to have too many travel adventures and not enough time to blog about them all! Maybe next year G and I will do a cross-country odyssey like you and Martin...

Sucar, heavenly is the word! Truthfully, we have very little desire to leave and go back home to work, responsibility, and noisy, crowded NYC.

Catherine, we loved meeting you as well. Of all the things we've been doing here, eating well has probably been one of our greatest accomplishments, be it simple breakfasts at "home" of Acme bread and Marin Sun Farm eggs, lunch at the Tonayense truck, or dinner at Afghani, Thai or other delightful options...


Great idea having a blogger meetup.

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